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Epiphany 5: Illumination

General Summary

Each investigator has acquired many pieces, but not enough on their own to extrapolate the shape of the entire puzzle. Is this a rectangular jigsaw? A three-dimensional sculpture? Does its nature vary by the location of the observer?   Perhaps the dimension of time matters as much as any corner piece!   These masked mystery manipulators consider more controlled locations, where they can examine their latest clues in detail while contributing prior discoveries to the collective pool.   Veteran members of the Trenchcoat Brigade collect their prisoner and their physical clues. They regroup in the panel van of Abbey Normal Investigations to pool their discoveries thus far.   Meanwhile, potential members of the Trenchcoat Brigade take their findings from the Foxfire Shed to their next point of observation. If unidentified parties access the Foxfire shed, Makeshift will receive a quiet notification. Where can our heroes get more information? Ideally, without traveling to an Earth that is not their own?
January 6
Magi's Epiphany
Less than 30 minutes to sunset

Trenchcoat Epiphany
The Shadow
Agent Chameleon
Sable Shadow
Player Journals
Contraptions Galore! by Sable Shadow
Case of the Psychic's Lament, Part 5 by The Shadow
Report Date
15 Mar 2024
Primary Location
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