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Epiphany 3: Manifest

General Summary

Current and potential members of the Trenchcoat Brigade investigate the origins and destinations of the metaphysical light mote streams, in the Columbia Street Waterfront District of Brooklyn, NY.   Or possibly in a Boston they almost recognize, of a Massachusetts they have never before seen.   Or, indeed, a large island in a river -- an island with a short mountain of three peaks -- that perhaps has certain parallels to the Island of Montreal? That metropolis with the ancient fortifications is not the Montreal which Tabitha or Patrick would recognize!


Trenchcoat Discoveries


Mystery elements encountered, possibly further investigated in this session:

  • Foxfire Shed
  • After fruitful investigation of their exclusive Clue Locations, Agent Chameleon and Psypher came to investigate the convergence point for the Stardust Trails. They know the outer door is locked. Their further investigation was disrupted by the safe return of Makeshift and Sable Shadow to "This Brooklyn" (what a relief!)
  • Foxfire Project Room
  • Once they felt reassured that they had safely made a full circuit back to the Brooklyn of their origin, Sable Shadow and Makeshift began detailed investigation of the lair's contents. They have gathered the ends of many information threads, and unraveled some lengths of further clues from each!
  • Epiphany Emission Point
  • Psypher examined this Gadget in detail. He also inspected the room currently housing it, and gathered some significant (if puzzling!) details about the manufacture of the door.
  • Shawmut
  • Makeshift and Sable Shadow spent approximately an hour investigating an abandoned playground at a probably abandoned school. Their view included the ice-walled city whose skyline certainly resembles Boston of 2010. Our heroes took five minutes to study the city from their current distance. The facts they found only add to the mystery!
  • Mooniyaang
  • Welcome to Canada, Sable Shadow and Makeshift. Goodness, you are leaving again so quickly?
  • Epiphany Transducer
  • In the sewer and storm drain system under this portion of the Columbia Street Waterfront District, The Shadow documented a trio of transducers tucked into places that ought to be empty. Are these meant to have an effect upon the stardust trail? Or to be affected somehow by the passage of the light motes?
January 6
Magi's Epiphany

Trenchcoat Epiphany
The Shadow
Agent Chameleon
Sable Shadow
Player Journals
Investigation Time by Sable Shadow
Case of the Psychic's Lament, Part 3 by The Shadow
Report Date
19 Jan 2024
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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