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This individual has superpowers. The existence of these superpowers comes not from a Gadget or Device or any other external source, but from something within themselves -- something most likely connected to a bit of little-understood DNA popularly called the "metagene".   Are they a mutant? Is their superpower derived from something that has existed in their genetic code since birth?   Are they a mutate? Is their superpower derived from a life-changing influence imposed on them by deliberate action or accidental circumstance?   Or are they ... something else entirely? Something humanoid, but not necessarily native to Earth? (or to this Earth, at least?)   In any case, "metahuman" is probably the civil term, and "meta" is the casual shorthand. The more specific terms have a connotation that is frequently negative in some way.


Author's Notes

Very few characters will self-identify as "mutant" or "mutate" or "Kandorian" or "Atlantean" or whatever. In this world, "metahuman" is synonymous shorthand for "has superpowers". It might erroneously be applied to a Gadgeteer, especially one whose Gadgets are disguised as part of a supersuit.   Very few people mistake Tony Stark for a metahuman. He's a genius with a supersuit and all sorts of wonderful toys. Debates on the Internet are sometimes heated as to whether Tesla Coil and Moon Knight of the Knights Vigilant are metas, or human gadgeteers.

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