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Quantum Chroniton Vibration Wave Effect

Despite the name, this particle effect and its related subatomic particle, has little to do with ‘time’. Instead, it has a closer relationship to the theoretical ‘dimensional connective membrane’ or dimensional barrier energy.
— From the research notes of Tesla Coil
The quantum chroniton vibration wave effect, or CVW effect, is an unusual phenomenon produced by rapid state change in the chroniton subatomic particles. Once excited to induce a state change, the result is an energy wave effect that, while it exhibits some temporal properties, it has a strong correlation to the energy barrier between dimensions dubbed the ‘dimensional connective membrane’.
This change in state happens regularly in nature and is harmless in lifeforms. But, an application of very high energies generated by focused magnetic, fusion, or inertial fusion based sources will accelerate the particles will also generate the effect. These resulting energy waves are stronger and more intense than those found in nature.
With a careful adjustment to the energy used to accelerate the subatomic particles, differing frequency strength can be generated. Such frequencies can be applied to a variety of uses, such as material analysis, communication, and more.

Utilities and Uses

Important note: Don't cross the frequency streams... again...
— From the research notes of Moleculon
The most common use is for communication and protection. For communication, as with the Star League Flight Rings, a low acceleration burst of 10 nanoseconds generates a moderate frequency wave that traverses the eighth dimension's sub-manifold.
There compacted particles branch infinitely, allowing access back to the 'reality' dimension, as understood by most life forms. This allows the data communication to traverse distances in ‘reality’ with minimal degradation of signal under normal circumstances. Such communications can still be intercepted, provided the listener knows what wavelength and amplitude the transmission ‘band’ is being used. This is why CVW based communications are still encrypted.
Protection requires a stronger acceleration for at least 300 nanoseconds. Once excited, the chroniton wave produced generates a burst of energy that repulses most other forms of matter and energy. This energy frequency, because of its intense strength, cannot travel eight dimensions, but is restricted to the dimension where the source burst of acceleration started.
Once produced, the resulting energy can be channeled and even shaped. Ancient or classics uses can be seen among the Atlanteans, Kryptonians, or ancient Thanagarians. In those cultures, they use this energy as ‘force’ or ‘deflector’ fields. Then there are the heroes and villains of Earth. They have displayed the most inventive uses.
So, for this 'breach detector' to work, I'll need to wear or hold a miniaturized particle accelerator to generate the CVW effect. I'll just carry it while running at superspeed, I'll cover more ground that way...
— From the research notes of Silverwing, superspeed hero of Metropolis
  Editor's Notes!
Indeed he did, True Believers! Not only did he find several breach attempts, but he accidentally discovered two alternate Earths!
Earth inventors use the CVW effect in a wide variety of devices. Earth heroes make use of the communication, force field applications. Common inventions are Earth-designed Tri-comms, remote sensor analysis devices, data communication, and force projection systems in wearable devices. Power armor, such as the COIL Armor or an Atlantea Atomic Shield are examples of Earth wearable CVW effect based items.
The criminal element on Earth also finds inventive uses for this remarkable science. Advanced Idea Mechanics implements many of the properties of the CVW effect into the discuss-sized 'data disks' worn by their Cyber-Commando Corps. Also, the CVW effect paved the way for AIM's Nanobike. Both of which they use on a regular basis to commit corporate espionage type crimes.
There are darker uses as well. The Hammer Empire has experimented using the CVW effect with shards of Eisenite to expand and refine their Warwolf Project to create shape-shifting "super soldiers".
  Editor's Notes!
There are more projects at work on Earth than that, True Believers!
They are secret projects known only to a few select heroes or criminal organizations. One would be Project Quantum Leap! A bold, highly classified, multi-national effort to explore new worlds and dimensions using a device that takes full advantage of the CVW effect to traverse dimensional boundaries.
Dubbed a "Stargate", Project Quantum Leap maintains contact with the Kryptonian refugee colony on the world of New Krypton within our own dimension! Project Quantum Leap, with help from the hero team of Wyldfire, has explored various parallel Earths through the CVW's reach across the fifth dimension!
But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! Criminal masterminds have already opened CVW effect stargates into our Earth! These breaches have been a major concern for teams like Wyldfire who detect, and combat, these invaders!
  October 12, 2009, 1:30 pm,
Hidden lab inside Questworks Engineering, Ltd.  
It wasn’t deductive reasoning. Donata just knew right where to look.
As was often the case when Tesla Coil vanished, he was in the sub-basement lab. She crossed the semi-dark room and stood behind and just to his left. John Perkins, aka Tesla Coil, didn’t notice her approach. Donata placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“John, you’ve been down here for hours. You look wiped out. What is it?”
John twitched. To his credit, he didn’t jump from his chair in surprise. He smiled at her, then patted her hand.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to get so focused. I lost track of time.”
She shook her head a little.
“I noticed. You’ve been down here right through lunch. Really, that means this must be good. Is this the tech that the rest of Knights Vigilant grabbed from the Golden Lotus or the Hammer Empire?”
John’s smile brightened. It almost eclipsed the fatigue in his eyes.
“Not a bit. You remember that half-wall sized 'databank vault' that Dr. Overmind was fooling with under Central Park? The one we all are sure he stole from someone else?”
“The one that had vanished by the time we made it back to get a closer look? I remember.”
John nodded, tapping on the keyboard in front of him.
“That’s the one. I grabbed some quick scans of the power source and what looks like the first layer or two of circuit layouts. Maybe even what connected to the main data storage. Not sure. I’ve been running some simulations to figure out how Overmind was able to remote control those self-aware ‘ooze golems’ and his Omni-drones all at the same time. But. I found something else. Take a look at this.”
Two key strokes later, a flurry if diagrams and a rough start of a 3D circuit design appeared. Donata leaned in, staring wide-eyed at the designs.
“That almost looks like an Impulsor Circuit, but the configuration is way different. Those wavelengths… the amplitude measurements… is that a CVW effect?”
“I really think it is, but I’ve never seen this type of design before. Those notations look really old. Not like the Thanagarian script Sahara showed us.”
Donata stared at the alien circuitry a moment longer.
“John, we’d better call Moleculon. This reminds me of that broken sample of Atlantean ‘holo replicator’ tech he shared with us a few months back.”
She tore her eyes away from the screen to look at John.
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

All right! There's a lot here, so buckle in! With any Super Hero setting, there is 'Super Science' in all its amazing fun. Here, the science is inspired by the (cheesy?) sci-fi classic film "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension".

But there are other nods littered in here as well. The reference to 'Iron Man' and 'Tony Stark' are to a similar character inspired by the very same one from Marvel Comics. "Advanced Idea Mechanics" is another inspiration from Marvel Comics. Reference to 'Krypton' comes from DC comics. Last, the reference to 'Project Quantum Leap' is merely the name being used as a nod to the old TV show by the same name.

As might be guessed, this is a foundation piece that ties much of the Tales of Justice continuity together!

Alternate Names
CVW effect
Access & Availability
Limited availability on Earth to the general public. The CVW effect is the science behind Tesla Coil's COIL Armor, Donata's variation on the Tri-comm, and the internal communication systems of Iron Man's armor just to name a few.
Beyond Earth, this is the foundation science behind the Star League Thangarian-based technology, and Kryptonian crystal technology.
Circumstances leading to the discovery of the CVW effect have differed based on the individual culture.
The first known culture to make the discovery was the ancient Thanagarians. Initial development of their Q Furnace and how it interacted with Nth-Metal was the basis of their understanding of the CVW effect. 
But this was not the case for the Kryptonian Union. There, Kryptonian scientists were researching the principles of dimensional energy which would eventually lead to stargate technology and the infamous Kryptonian Power Rings.
Discovery among the people of Earth has been as unique and individual as the planet's cultures. The effect has been theorized among Earth's academia, but Earth's noted heroes and certain select criminal organizations have separately discovered this subatomic particle effect.
Noted examples of discoverers who have made use of it are Tesla Coil, Donata, Moleculon, and Tony Stark. As for criminal organizations, that would be Hammer Empire and Advanced Idea Mechanics.
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Author's Notes

The content above is more than just heroic fantasy and super-science. Real world, current understand of Superstring theory provides a framework for the CVW effect along with the 'what' the fantastic quantum particle affects. For anyone curious, here is a light overview of Superstring Theory for the curious!

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