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We use this Skill in our campaign to cover so many possibilities. But then, collaborative storytelling is an art form!
(See pages 75-76 in the white book for details.)
As written in the original system, Artist covers seven Subskills:
  • Actor*
  • Dancer*
  • Musician*
  • Painter*
  • Photographer*
  • Sculptor*
  • Writer*
    Very few characters take all of the Subskills.
    Also, since things like Cooking are reasonable Subskills of Artist, we tend to roll that into whatever Subskills a character did pick up. For example, Psypher a.k.a. "Chef" has paid for the Actor Subskill but the note on the character sheet would say something like
    Artist - Actor (Disguise and Cooking) only
    And in practice, anybody can attempt something that is properly an Artist skill even if they have not spent time and Hero Points to learn it! It does not take dedicated training to make a pleasant meal for the gaming group, it just takes a little research and some persistence. The "no unskilled attempts" rule applies to actions that might affect the plot of the adventure, whether that is to gain the good will of the audience or to earn money for a story-related Wealth Check.



This Skill cannot be used to affect the ongoing Plot directly via defaulting to an Attribute: a Character must have spent Hero Points to buy the Skill, or else they must do without.
Note also that as presented in the White Book, this Skill is written to not apply to a Hostile group, which means it officially cannot be used on opponents in combat!
However, the GM is always willing to work with good storytelling. Give us a compelling description, and we invoke The Cool Rule.
A Character who tries to Paint a photorealistic tunnel onto a brick wall is not likely to get their opponents to smack face-first into it, no. This is not a four-color Genre campaign. However, Flame Control followed up by an inspired bit of Artist (Sculptor) could certainly be used on opponents in combat.
Originally from "the White book", a.k.a.
DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Second Edition
pages 75-76
published by Mayfair Games
Game Mechanics
Link: Infl
Base Cost: 5
Factor Cost: 8
Number of subskills: 7


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