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Infinity Inc

Infinity, Inc. is a privately-owned company belonging to Simon Arkangel, specializing in biogenetic research. Their official focus is on the search for a means to expand the human lifespan, without loss of functionality — they aren’t anti-aging so much as they are anti-decrepitude. Their headquarters is in Angola, just outside of the capital city Luanda, where the employees are strictly law-obeying and pay plenty of taxes: all of the less “publicly acceptable” research takes place in hidden laboratories elsewhere around the world. Unofficially, the research leads into some potentially profitable side-ventures, such as a series of prototype “living tools” and other disposable sentients. Arkangel sees “ethics” as an artificial construct, senselessly hindering his real work to eventually improve all of humanity.

Publicly available information

Most of the following information would take some research. Some of the following information would require the right kind of connection. Please use your judgment as to what your character might reasonably find without a special roll.

  • Infinity, Inc has existed since the late 1800s or perhaps the early 1900s. It has always been somehow connected to the business of “researching the aging process” or “slowing the body’s clock”. Papers establishing the company in one country almost always indicate that it is expanding from a prior existence in another country, seeking better opportunities.

  • Infinity, Inc does no business with anyone who makes autonomous, “thinking” machines.

  • Infinity, Inc materially supported the Entente Powers (mostly following in the wake of Jan Smuts of the Union of South Africa) during World War I, to the extent that the company was involved in the war at all. Conflicting reports MIGHT suggest that II also got involved during the Burma Campaign of World War II.

  • A career at Infinity, Inc can lead to “retirement package” benefits that include more than merely survival and some cash: preventive medical treatment, often a repair or cleansing of a genetic defect throughout the body, that cannot be acquired from competitor companies for less than tens of millions of dollars; residences in a well-guarded segment of certain nations where power and influence define the law; access to tools or resources not available through above-board means; seamless identity replacements, complete with appropriate reputations in case the retired individual wants to keep his/her hand in a related field. In fact, II invests solidly in the resources needed to create those new identities, in places around the world.

  • Lexcorp, Oscorp, and Infinity, Inc may have exchanged fire a few times in the past five years. Different analysts have their different theories on which business organization tried to acquire a few assets on the other one’s roster. Do not look at them to form a business alliance any time soon, unless it is a temporary alliance to thwart a common enemy.


--Owner: Simon Arkangel


--Director of Security: Jerimiah Bruin
----various Watchmen, usually two per facility
----day-to-day Security personnel: Sergeant (Security Team Lead), Corporal (Security Shift Supervisor), Security guard
---Assistant Director of Acquisitions:
---Assistant Director of Retrieval: Eva Jagerskiold


--Director of Behavioral Design: L'Wanda Onyaemaechi
---Assistant Director of Braintape Systems:
---Assistant Director of Psychic Surgery
----Programming Specialist -----Observer


--Director of Development:
---Assistant Director of Training: Angra


--Director of Physical Design: Martine Oriane Garnier
-----Specific projects in any part of Physical Design have a "Lead Designer"
-----Division employees ranked under "Lead Designer" are titled "Scientist" (analytical specializations) or "Technician" (applied design specialists)
---Assistant Director of Research Division:
----Lead Designer, Project Bloodwyrm:
----Lead Designer, Project Chrysalis:
----Lead Designer, Project Eureka:
---Assistant Director of Medical and Nutrition:


--Director of Physical Plant: Ryan MacDuff

Advancing Humanity

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Controlled Territories
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I am pulling info from VirtueVerse and OP mostly, though the tabletop version is definitely grittier than the CoX version and less successful, too.

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