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Animal Handling

The Animal Handling Skill does not come up very often in our campaign.
Unless you find yourself in the Shadow Lands and befriend The Most Adorable Teslasaur.
(See page 75 in the white book.)
The Animal Handling Skill has two Subskills:
  • Animal Training*, which cannot be used by defaulting to the Character's Influence Attribute,
  •   and  
  • Riding, which can be used by defaulting to the Influence Attribute;
    but the unskilled Character best hope that the animal in question has been trained in how to be ridden. Riding is an Automatic Action if the animal has been taught, but it's a Dice Action versus the Dexterity/Strength of the critter if it's not already used to the idea.
Originally from "the White book", a.k.a.
DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Second Edition
page 75
published by Mayfair Games
Game Mechanics
Link: Infl
Base Cost: 5
Factor Cost: 4
Number of subskills: 2


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