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Strength represents a Character’s ability to lift weight and withstand duress.
  STR = 0

The proportional strength of a dustbunny! I hope you get medical treatment before the combat gets back to you, because gravity is a harsh mistress. You have the muscle power to lift between 0 and 50 lbs without damaging yourself. Climbing counts as lifting your own body’s weight, so be careful how you travel!

  STR = 1

You’re on the low end of average adult human strength. You can, without strain, pick up and carry a load topping off at 100 lbs (or less, so long as your maximum is over 50). You can punch through cardboard. You can kick through older drywall. Meghan and Belle each weighed about 1 AP; so does your average kitchen sink.

  STR = 2

You have typical human strength. You can, without strain, lug along somewhere between 100 and 200 lbs; that’s a teenager, an average Hollywood actor, a city mailbox, or a large dining table.

  STR = 3

You’re pretty strong, compared to the typical commuter. You can easily lift somewhere between 200 and 400 lbs, a range that may include a bathtub, a steel reinforced door, a flagpole, Thunderstrike, or a lion. You can punch through a typical interior door.

  STR = 4

Your strength is exceptional, the equivalent of a professional weight lifter! You hold up weights approaching 750 lbs without trembling. You wield a small (ten feet tall or less) tree as if it were a baseball bat. You can punch a hole into a refrigerator without warning.

  STR = 5

It’s pretty unlikely that you weigh a measly 2 APs, or buy your civilian clothes off any rack, since you have the muscle power to lift more than 800 pounds -- possibly even 1500 pounds -- without strain. Put another way, you can pick up a grizzly bear and throw it at someone.

  STR = 6

At the absolute peak of potential human strength, you are mighty enough to destroy wooden walls with a single blow. Few humans throughout history have ever been casual about lifting more than a ton, but there you are, holding a one-and-a-half-ton sedan suspended in place. Put another way, you have the strength of a rhinoceros!

  STR = 7

Twice as strong as an unadultered human could ever be, you can lift three and a quarter tons and bend a steel crowbar with your bare hands. Elephants move when you nudge them. You can bench press a brick wall or a telephone pole. Steel-reinforced doors bend under the pressure of your mighty fists.

  STR = 8

You’re now well into the superhuman strength department, smashing brick walls and swinging billboards around with the same ease that you walk across a room. Six and a half tons is the upper limit of the weight you comfortably carry; that’s the equivalent of a typical semi truck. Or sixty-five average-sized human adults. Simultaneously.

  STR = 9

You lift thirteen tons; you can use a light tank for shot put when you aren’t busy smashing your way through stone walls in a single round. If given the opportunity, you would win a tug-of-war against a triceratops.

  STR = 10

You manhandle up to 26 tons, whether it’s shaped like a small jet airplane or a reinforced concrete wall. Rumor has it that a small mercenary group named "Catastrophe" has a few members with strengths in this range...

  STR = 11-12

A tabloid claimed, several years ago, to have footage of a Blüdhaven native using his bare hands and brute strength to flip over a forty-ton battle tank. Surely that was faked?

  STR = 13-15

You can crush titanium like an aluminum can or, if you're at the top of the 15 range, hurl a car a half-mile, easy. Lifting 200 to 800 tons? Yep, you got that.

Category: Physical Attribute   Type: Effect Attribute   FC: 6  
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