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This is a physical power. Furthermore, it is one of the "restrictive" Powers referenced in the discussion of the Damage Redirection Power Limitation.


Most comic book depictions of the Paralysis power tend to be Gadgets: a fiber-based attack from power armor such as M.A.T.R.I.X. or Golden Lotus might feature, a chemical spray or poison dust perhaps distilled by Spider Lily, a tentacle-like trap in the lair of The Genie. In fact, many of these gadgets have important features among their components that make them more appropriate for a Snare, Glue, or Mental Freeze basis.
In essence, this is the power to physically restrict an opponent more thoroughly and more effectively than the slowing effect of Snare, the movement-only grapple of Glue. If Bonestealer uses strange Artifact Smuggling powers to harden the air around each limb of a target, or Ghost Widow numbs the nerve clusters that control all voluntary movement, or Remix projects hard light bubble fields to create a glowing "impact foam" surrounding a bank guard, they are each using the Paralysis power.


As with most restrictive powers, the power user makes an attack roll using their APs of Paralysis power as the AV/EV of the Action Check. Typically, the opponent uses their Dexterity as the OV and their Body as their RV. If they are aware of impending danger, or have other special circumstances, the opponent might be able to substitute other Powers, Skills, or Gadget Abilities.
Any amount of positive RAPs from this Action Check indicate success. The target of the Paralysis is held fast, unable to move, probably unable to speak (depending upon the description of the physical power given by the power user). Any abilities that require physical body motion are unavailable -- which includes most physical Powers, Dexterity-based Skills, and any other activity that would involve physical activities beyond "thought".
The Paralysis will last at least until the next initiative round, and the next dice attempt for which the paralyzed Character is eligible. If left as-is -- neither replaced with a fresh application by the power user making a new roll, nor defeated by the paralyzed Character working to free themselves -- the Paralysis effect will end on its own on the initiative round immediately after the equivalent APs in Time as were used to make the Paralysis roll.

Not Staying Put?

With a story-appropriate description of their technique, a paralyzed Character may attempt to break free in much the same way that they would from any other Grapple. Whether they are muscling their way out of the restrictions or narrowing their willpower down to exact control of a single joint at a time, the paralyzed person makes an Action Check of their own Strength as AV/EV against the Paralysis roll's RAPs as OV/RV.
A Paralyzed character may alternately use their Movement Power as AV/EV, with the risk that if they roll Double Ones, they will immediately burn out their Movement Power. No more Running/Swimming/Whichever until it has had enough time since the most recent combat or damage to make a Resting Recovery check!
Whatever the Paralyzed character uses as their method of breaking free, each escape attempt in sequence that scores any RAPs will add to a cumulative total. Once that total equals or exceeds the RAPs from the Paralysis attack, the Paralyzed character breaks free.
This is inspired by the power of the same name on page 48 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book".

Link: Str

Range: Normal

Type: Dice

Base Cost: 20
Factor Cost: 3

Power Bonus Options!

Area Effect

+1 to Factor Cost above

Range Increase

+1 to Factor Cost above

Power Limitation Options!

Damage Redirection

-2 to Factor Cost above


-1 to Factor Cost above


-2 to Factor Cost above

Power Burnout

-1 to -3 to Factor Cost above

Effect Duration
APs Used in Time,
until target breaks free
Applied Restriction
While this Power is mentioned on the Restricted Powers page, it is only in the context of being a Power we prefer to see in our custom genre rather than the magic-oriented "Mystic Freeze".

The GMs are willing to entertain a persuasive plea to allow the Range Increase Bonus, but are likely to keep it at the original 3 AP radius of the power's target point. The options to increase area covered or to vary the radius to less than the full 3 APs will not be considered, not for a character's innate Paralysis Power and not for a Gadget.
Paralysis is ineligible for the Usable on Others Bonus.
Paralysis is ineligible for the Always On and Power Restriction Limitations.
Paralysis is ineligible for the Lethal Limitation due to our genre. Any Paralysis attack intended to keep its target immobilized for a long enough period of time that the subject would suffer fatal symptoms is only permitted to Arch-Nemesis characters.

Further Reading
Refer to Grappling Attack for a detailed guide to the game mechanics of resolving an attempt to break free.


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