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Power Restriction

circumstance in which the Power simply will NOT

adapted from page 42 of "the White Book":
DC Heroes 3rd Edition by Mayfair Games


A Character might have certain circumstances in which a Power cannot function.
  • Environmental effects or presence of something from a specified class of objects might be necessary for it, such as a Character with the Flame Control Power who must have live violin music vibrating the air molecules close to the flame being controlled.
  • Alternatively, an object's proximity or an environmental effect might prevent the function of the Power entirely -- perhaps a Character has a Glue Power that fails if the ambient temperature is below a certain number.
  • The general condition, class of object, and whether the problem is its presence or its absence must all be specified when this Limitation is taken.
Acceptable conditions might include:
  • Power Restriction: Power must be recharged every 24 hours (15 APs of time) via Special Gadget (also listed on character sheet, and paid for with Hero Points)
  • Power Restriction: Only affects carbon-based molecules
  • Power Restriction: Cannot Protect from Heat-based Damage
  • Power Restriction: Requires access to a source of water

Hosts & Carriers

Whether he is at home in the Pennsylvanian countryside north of Metropolis, visiting old business acquaintances in New Jersey, or on a completely innocent camping trip with his children to explore the bayous near Vibora Bay, adjunct Wyldfire not-quite-Agent Blackjack has to work around a simple Power Restriction on his Teleportation Power. He has to be able to see where he is going! He has Power Restriction: Line of Sight Only on his character sheet, which means no teleporting through solid opaque walls and no teleporting around the curvature of the Earth.
If Blackjack stood at the top of Pic de Finestrelles in the Spanish Pyrenees, on a clear day he could indeed teleport himself to the peak of Pic Gaspard in the French Alps (if he spends a few Hero Points to temporarily boost his Teleportation up to 11 APs, that is!) but he could not teleport from anywhere near Metropolis up to Ottowa, Ontario, Canada even in the most perfect weather because the Adirondack Mountains are in the way.
One of the Top Three Most Annoying things that Wyldfire Agents do to Blackjack is to ask him to run something up to Boston or New York City because "You'll be there and back in under three minutes!"
Non. That is not how "Power Restriction: Line of Sight Only" works, tu crétin.
On the other hand, Thunderstrike has several imposed Power Restrictions activated by the distance (or lack thereof) between himself and the Atomic Hammer. If Thunderstrike throws the Hammer too hard, it will leave the range at which he can use it to fire Lightning. On the other hand, if it is too close to him, Density Increase usually shuts off.
Hey, none of that was MY idea of how it should work!
Thunderstrike to anyone asking about the Atomic Hammer
Yes, we know, but it was still a good idea in general.
Type: Power Limitation
Mod: -1 Factor Cost



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