Canada Geographic Location in Tales of Justice | World Anvil


Located north of the primary territory of the United States is Canada. With ten provinces and three territories, it stretches from Pacific to Atlantic and north to the Arctic Ocean. This makes it the world's second largest country.   Because Canada tends to experience “spill over” powered-crime from the United States, Canada takes a less harsh stance on super powered individuals.   This isn’t to say that vigilantes are tolerated. Any such individual with “special” skills or abilities are encouraged to register with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for entry into their North Watch division. The North Watch collectively falls under the ‘Special Constables’ rank for placement within the RCMP hierarchy. As such, heroes working for the RCMP in such a capacity enjoy some leeway, but are expected to follow the same rules that the RCMP must observe.   Currently, members of that special constables are a member of a small organization called the Silver Guard.   Due to the close proximity of Canada to Greenland, there is a higher number of "winged mutants" than other locations.


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