Tales of justice Racing time

Racing time

Technological achievement


SAFEGUARD and Wyldfire try to save the lives of captured Infinity Inc minions, and stop a new I.I. plot, oh and completely wreck an I.I. minion-converting base.

Greetings True Believers!


What a week it's been! Commandos in mysterious black high-tech armor appeared through the Metropolis Stargate! A team of Earth and New Krypton researchers rescued Boston from a radioactive meteorite!


Wait … you didn’t hear about any of that?


Well, of course not! SAFEGUARD works hard so you don’t have to!


And now, Safeguard is at it again …


Recently captured meta-agents of the mysterious corporation known only as Infinity Incorporated have started dying while in Safeguard care. To save the last three, Safeguard enlists the help of Wyldfire as they try to locate a cure inside an isolated laboratory in the Canadian wilderness. The prisoners have less than five hours to live … will they make it in time?


They could be skating on thin ice here, True Believers! But don’t let that chill your resolve, hang in there and lets see what happens!


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!


Only a week after the Project Warwolf serum arrived safely at Quabbin Resevior Lab, the captive agents of Infinity Incorporated began to abruptly suffer fatal and mysterious health problems. Only quick thinking managed to stabilize the last three team members. In exchange for their lives, the ‘Delta’ of the three reveals an encryption signal to Safeguard. Using this, they are able to trace down a hidden lab in the Canadian wilderness.


They need to get in and look for a possible cure. Only one problem: they can’t operate openly. So they call in another favor with the Wyldfire team to provide them with a little transportation help…

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