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Vibora Bay

Ain’t no place else quite like Vibora Bay...
— Raymond "Harp" Rivers, local blues musician and philosopher
Located in Louisiana, Vibora Bay is the second largest city in the state with a rich history and culture. A port city, it is a regular hub of trade and commerce for the Southeastern United States.
Some of the city's locals say that Vibora Bay was always destined to stand apart. Maybe it's the music? Perhaps the culture? The cuisine? No one knows. But the city on the gulf attracts a wide tapestry of individuals. A jambalaya of culture and experience, proud of each ingredient in the collective pot.
Hear that? That music is Vibora's voice. Smell the air. Cooking and the smell of the old Gulf of Mexico. That's her breath. The people here? They're all her spirit. From hero to criminal and all in between. What brings them here? What keeps them here? Only Vibora Bay knows and that grand lady is mighty good at keeping her secrets.
— Raymond "Harp" Rivers, local blues musician and philosopher


Vibora Bay is no different from any other major city. It’s filled with many neighborhoods and districts, each with their own unique architecture. These designs reflect the cultures and attitudes of the people living there while representing a piece of the city’s colorful history.
Some of the more well-known districts are Weston Town, High Street Oaks, and Easton Goodplace. One location, though it isn't a district but is just as prominent, is San Sebastian Swamp or as its locally known "Whispering Swamp". This large swamp lies on the north side of the city, wrapping arms around the city’s east and west sides as well.

Industry and Trade

The most noticeable industry in Vibora Bay is shipping and trade. This has been the case since the city’s founding in the early 1700s. Millions of tons of cargo move through the Vibora Bay’s busy port heading for destinations such as Atlanta, Gotham City, Blüdhaven, New York City, or Seattle. However, this isn't the only part of the city's economy.
Due to the proximity of the port, Vibora Bay has a thriving tourism business, along with one of the most advanced medical and technology research parks that can rival older tech hubs along the East and West coast of the US. Many large corporations, such as WayneTech, STAR Labs, Oscorp, Brice Corp, and others, have a major corporate presence here.
Those business segments make for a strong city economy that attracts many newcomers a year. In early 2009, it was ranked as the 9th best location to start a new business by Luthor News Network.


Remember how I said Vibora got her secrets? There's plenty. Not all of them need, or want, to see the light of day. A lot of things happen here in the dark fog of Vibora Bay
— Raymond "Harp" Rivers, local blues musician and philosopher
The city isn't famous for crime like Gotham City but it has its own fair share of problems. A vibrant, enthusiastic, criminal underworld calls Vibora Bay home. From colorful thieves to cutthroat factions and ruthless criminal organizations, they add to the city’s rich character but also are a blemish on its reputation.
Some of the more notable gangs in the area include the Brethren Court, a gang imported recently from Caribbean nations. Another regular threat would be the enigmatic Crypt Carnival plying their trade at thievery.
One of the oldest threats are the Scalebacks. This gang has existed in Vibora Bay for generations. Some believe even back to the 1700s. It's current leaders, the infamous Jacques "Gator" Lecompte and his broker, the Lady Elise Thibodeaux, run the gang with an iron fist wrapped in a velvet glove.
Last, and most dangerous, is the organized crime boss Therakiel. A winged metahuman, he uses that to his advantage, playing one faction off another. His resources, ruthlessness, and sharp business sense make him a perpetual thorn in Vibora's side.
But Vibora Bay’s law enforcement isn’t alone to deal with those problems. Balancing out the criminal element and their problems are the local set of vigilantes. Like most cities, law enforcement doesn’t condone vigilante activity, but when the city’s entire well-being is threatened, help from the local vigilante community is welcome.
Some, such as Riptide or Coppersmith, are more visible in Vibora Bay. Others, such as the reformed criminal (and reluctant vigilante) Killer Croc, the enigmatic Dr. Maat, and the mysterious Gray Phantom, hover between rumor and myth in the public eye. But they aren’t just stories. They are as real as Riptide, Coppersmith, or other more public heroes like the famous Sahara, working to help law enforcement keep trouble under control.
Editor's Note!
Vibora Bay is also well known in other, more nefarious circles! Smugglers and organizations like AIM know that mesmerizing chemicals like the Vertigo Serum, and mysterious concoctions such as the mutagenic Draysha Gas can be sourced in the City of Shadows. It's this very reason that Vibora's heroes try to keep a watchful eye out for anything out of the ordinary!
Now, this is also why any heroes, metahuman or otherwise, visiting this fair city had best check in with Dr. Maat. After all, how else can a visiting hero get the latest news... and not get mistaken for yet another out-of-town criminal!
  'Nuff Said!

Just a brief mention! This Vibora Bay and its surroundings, include the reference to Draysha Gas, is inspired by the Vibora Bay setting in the Champions RPG for Hero Games. STAR Labs reference is owned by DC Comics, however the STAR Labs used here is only inspired by the DC Comics creation.

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Vibora After Dark

It's well known that Vibora Bay is famous for its vibrant culture and for having one of the larger concentrations of metahuman activity in the southeastern United States. But, then there is the activity when the sun goes down.
The city's nightlife comes into warm focus, but among the music, food, and glowing lights there are rumors, dark stories of misty things that peer out from the shadows. Stories of ghost ships sailing the swamp, glowing eyes from the trees, and more that suggest something uncanny may also call the city home.

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