Tales of justice Great Lakes Region Timeline

Great Lakes Region

Events in Chicago Illinois, Cleveland Ohio, Detroit Michigan, Erie Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids Michigan, the southern reaches of Ontario Province especially Toronto and Ottawa, and various points nearby all tend to be very even-keeled compared to Seattle or New York City. Is this because the heroes there have figured out some way to discourage extravagant supervillains? Or is there some subtle influence from the Great Lakes themselves?

  • 1999

    25 August

    5 September

    Deadshot and Timber Wolf go to war against local corrupt politicians
    Political event

    As is the mandate for secret organization SAFEGUARD, two implanted agents (under cover of running a metahuman Private Investigations agency) discover that certain key aldermen in Chicago have a corrupt deal with a hospital administrator and a pharmaceutical research company to run their own little criminal enterprise, using city infrastructure to conceal their work. Deadshot and Timber Wolf team up with local law enforcement to investigate and dismantle the entire network.


    Feral has a minor supporting role near the conclusion of this event.

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  • 1999

    8 December

    Timber Wolf takes assignment from Orion Club
    Life, Organisation Association

    In what may turn out to be an early indicator of trouble, Timber Wolf impulsively takes on an offered hunting assignment from elitist mercenary network The Orion Club. John assures his partner Deadshot (and, later, his contact for SAFEGUARD) that he has handled undercover operations like this a thousand times in his career. The bad guys will start him on simple tasks, work gradually down through the shades of moral grayness, until they think he can be trusted for access to their true goals. They drew his attention this past summer by trying to smuggle some of their "captured prey" through Chicago, after all! They cannot know how much Timber Wolf knows about their activities.

  • 1999

    10 December

    Niagara Prime

    Feral and Blackjack stake out, then invade the destroyed II base in Niagara Falls, Ontario, to recover what records they can on how Jarissa's DNA has been altered via the Hybrid Minion process. They find a lot of dessicated bodies.

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  • 1999

    15 December

    5 July

    Life, Relocation

    The fight against both the corrupt politicians and undercover work with the Oiron Club left a trail of damage across Chicago, putting a warrant and a price on John's head.
    These events aggrevated the chemical kill switch implanted in John, poisoning him to the point of being irrational and dangerous. John packed up and headed north to avoid hurting anyone else.
    He is missing for almost seven years.

  • 2001

    3 April

    No Man an Island
    Life, Crime

    A member of an underground hacker network was kidnapped; his buddies contact SnakeEyes, Knight Thrasher, Trickshot, and "the Man in Black" for help.

  • 2003

    24 June

    Cyborgs on Wheels
    Life, Crime

    Limited Series: Cyborgs on Wheels


    Sahara, Skyburner, and Dr. Reynolds meet up and fight new villain gang (imported from Chicago!) The Freakshow.

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  • 2006

    5 July

    Mason-Baptiste Lafayette arrives in Detroit
    Life, Identity

    John returns from Canada, where he recieved experimental, and risky, treatments that strip the induced metal poisoning from his system. This inadverdently fully triggered his mutant gene. However, he survived.
    He returned to Chicago to find the warrant still out for his arrest, His former partner, Floyd Lawton ( aka Deadshot ) had been murdered along with other former associates. Those that hadn't been killed, scattered, their lives taking a downward turn.
    Unable to pick up the pieces, John heads to Detroit to try and rebuild his life. Though former co-workers he inadverdently comes into contact again with SAFEGUARD. With their assistance, "John De'Salle" is no more. Instead, Mason-Baptiste Lafayette sets up in Detroit.
    John, now Mason, gets counceling from Father Abrigail Hannigan and sets up a private investigator business.

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