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Hob's Bay

Hob's Bay was introduced in Star-Spangled Comics for DC Comics. The name and the rough idea is credited to DC Comics.
Hob's Bay is one of the main, and more infamous, neighborhoods of Metropolis. Situated on the actual bay that shares the name, Hob's Bay was once a well respected location for the most affluent of the city. But over a century later in the 21st century, the area is dilapidated and considered by many politicians an eyesore.   It's a sprawling slum that occupies a large area south of the Lackawanna River. The negative reputation is well earned as the crime rate in the area is unusually high. Gang activity is highest here with the occasional fights over turf, girlfriends and hundreds of other petty items. Organized crime does have a foothold here as well.   This dangerous neighborhood isn't without its own local heroes. The mysterious figure known as the Shadow is known to watch over this neighborhood. While this doesn't sit well with the police, the local residents are grateful for the vigilante's presence. Since his appearance, organized crime activity has dropped significantly over the year. Police presence has risen and gang fights are less common.   Though the neighborhood has a long way to go.  

Public Housing projects in the area

Eden Plaza
Jackson Heights
King's Row
Halcyon Towers
Wooster Park
Gemini Park

Industry & Trade

The primary industry in Hob's Bay, aside from crime, is the warehouse district along the waterfront. There several tons of goods and products are moved through Hob's Bay Intermodal Facility for import or export.


Built in the early 19th century, Hob's Bay was intended as an up and coming collection of waterfront properties. Over time the more affluent moved out of the area. As more homes and buildings went empty, real estate became cheaper. Large homes became converted to tenement buildings, more affordable to people of lower income.   Now, in the 21st century, the area is rather dilapidated and infamous for its criminal element. The nickname of "Suicide Slum" comes from a newspaper article promoting tearing down the neighborhood to replace it office buildings. The article considered the neighborhood "where lost souls went to vanish".   But the neighborhood isn't without hope. Local vigilantes and neighborhood assist organizations have revitalized some parts of Suicide Slum, making it more livable and giving a glimmer of what it once was.


The architecture of the neighborhood is a patchwork of architecture that spans the early 19th century to the early 21st. The oldest buildings have gotten renovation and 'face lifts' to bring them up to code. This was done primarily through local neighborhood groups taking on the job themselves.


Hob's Bay is located across the Lackawanna River from Bankhurst and Blackbridge districts and LeMastre Park. The Hobsneck Bridge is the main connection across the river.   Along the riverfront, a sprawling intermodal facility supports cargo barges and smaller cargo vessels shipping goods in and out by water. An underground highway out of the Hob's Bay Intermodal Facility handles overland transportation of goods.   The rest of the neighborhood is mostly flat with only a few gentle hills.   To the west is Chinatown Metropolis, to the south was the oldest section of the city with historical architecture. But that area recently was consumed by an immense sinkhole, causing the area to gain the nickname of the "Hollows".
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