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Vibora Bay and region

Vibora Bay events tend not to get noticed by the world at large. This may be due to deliberate influence.

  • 10000 BCE

    test entry

    Can I have a negative five-digit-plus year number?

  • 1977

    Paxton family relocation
    Life, Relocation

    The Paxton family leaves the American Ambassadorial Service and moves to New Iberia, Louisiana, where family can help care for Mrs. Paxton in her growing illness. Phillip was 7 and Sarah was 1.

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  • 1980

    Joëlle Paxton dies
    Life, Death

    Mrs. Paxton abruptly dies. Mr. Paxton becomes a violent, abusive drunk.

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  • 1983

    Phillip Paxton has leukemia
    Life, Milestone

    Phillip Paxton, age 13, is diagnosed with a rare and terminal form of leukemia. His uncle, Jean-Paul Ribleau, attempts to gain custody of his deceased sister's children. (He is unsuccessful.) He also spends a significant amount of his fortune on experimental cures for his nephew's leukemia. Mr. Paxton steps up his abuse of his children.

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  • 1985

    12 January

    25 March

    Phillip Paxton becomes Blackjack
    Life, Milestone

    Phillip Paxton, age 15, now working under the moniker "Blackjack" on a riverboat casino, is succumbing to leukemia and his father's abuse; he is in danger of losing his job, and possibly his life. Ribleau agrees to a highly experimental, illegal process called a "DNA Replacement Technique". While successful in curing Phillip, it also mutates him. The boy's skin turns deep blue, his eyes a deep solid purple, and he has odd, unrelated metahuman powers.

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  • 2006

    5 February

    28 February

    First World Problems
    Disaster / Destruction

    Limited Series: First World Problems

    During real world gathering ChipCon 2012, the PCs play the villains for a very special adventure.

    About Earth 1
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