mutant Species in Tales of Justice | World Anvil


This individual was born with a genetic mutation not commonly found in the human populace, one that specifically involves the activation of the so-called "metagene" to allow the genetic variation to express as some kind of superpower without instantly killing the individual in question.   Some mutants are observably different from their human parents from birth. Others begin to show abilities sometime during adolescence; a few individuals do not exhibit mutant abilities until a later life stage.   Technically speaking, if the children of a mutant show the same superpowers in essentially the same form, they are not mutants; they are stable members of a new subtribe of homo sapiens.   Some scientists theorize that most homo sapiens sapiens have the "metagene" in their DNA, but that it is inactive unless specific conditions obtain during early gestation. Scientific careers have been made and destroyed on this topic.


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