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Body is your Character's ability to resist physical damage.

If your Body is at any negative value, you are dying. You probably need medical attention within a matter of minutes, perhaps even seconds.

  BODY = 0

You are unconscious. You may only have fainted from physical shock, or you might be seriously injured, but you are definitely out cold. If this condition persists longer than a day, you are probably in a coma. I'd suggest seeking medical attention as soon as convenient, but since you're not awake, that's rather hard to manage on your own. Good thing you have staunch teammates and friends!

  BODY = 1

Your overall physical durability is at the low end of "normal human". Maybe you have a particularly low pain threshold due to nervous system sensitivity. Maybe your life to date has come with enough careful padding, for whatever reason, that you have never really had to withstand real physical distress; the adventuring life is about to start teaching you how to manage muscle strain or sustained physical effort. On the other hand, you might be sensitive because you are recovering from the kinds of distress that puts most folks into comas! Astronauts who return to Earth after a year in orbit are tough folks, but their Body has used up all of its physical endurance until some long-term recuperation happens.

  BODY = 2

You have the innate durability of a typical adult human. You fit in the typical range from "full time cook at Big Belly Burger" to "tourist on only their second full day at the Happiest Place on Earth". You get a half hour per day of aerobic exercise, you put some consideration into the nutritional value of your meals but you don't let that factor significantly into your life choices. If you set out for a dangerous situation, safety or protective Gadgets are an important resource.

  BODY = 3-4

Your day-to-day life includes at least the possibility of notable physical stress, whether you are an enthusiastic amateur athlete, a construction worker specializing in the heavy equipment, a Crypt Carnival Attendant, or a farmer. You can withstand moderate damage or strain without exceeding a 4 on the 0-10 Scale of Pain Severity. Your exercise regimen is designed to keep you functional in the kinds of emergencies that your day job requires you to consider. You are still going to want armor before adventuring, but if you have to fight evil in your pajamas, you have a realistic chance of surviving.

  BODY = 5-6

You are the epitome of unaltered human durabiility! If you are from Brooklyn, New York, you might have the personal motto "I can do this all day!" If you get injured for more than a couple of APs worth of physical damage, you will need to receive medical treatment -- and expect that to take you a few weeks to recuperate -- but it does not mean you have to flee the situation for your own safety.

  BODY = 7-8

You are superhumanly resilient. You might be a healthy adult atlantean, adapted to function comfortably at deep ocean pressure. You might be a kryptonian member of the Military Caste or a thanagarian warrior. Or you might be a mutated human after one of those classic "Science Goes Whoops" moments! Whatever you are, you are not human. Your body is roughly as dense as a brick wall, capable of taking a blow from a Disco Boys with a knife or chain with only minor injuries.

Category: Physical Attribute   Type: Resistance Attribute   FC: 6  
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