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Invulnerability is a Physical Power, meaning that it’s most closely connected to the physical world and physical efforts, instead of mental efforts or the mystical world. As described in the book:
A Character with this Power is very difficult to kill (although it does not make him any harder to injure; for this effect use the Skin Armor Power).
All that Invulnerability does is to make death less likely — and, unless Power Bonuses are purchased, it’s useless against deaths caused by supernatural or esoteric effects. Injury, unconsciousness, misery, power loss, all are completely unaffected by the Invulnerability Power.
It’s when damage should cause the Character to reach negative (Body Attribute) APs of Current Body, therefore DIE, that Invulnerability kicks in. So long as the damage is of some physical nature — suffocation, disease, poison, electrocution, starvation, basically all the things Connor tries out in the first Highlander movie and then some — an Invulnerability Action Check kicks in.
Use the APs of the Invulnerability Power as the AV/EV. Use the absolute value of your Current Body APs as the OV/RV. Any RAPs from this roll equal the number of BODY points that the Character regains.
Clear as mud? No problem, let’s do an example! If a Character with a Body stat of 3 takes enough damage to be at (-3 Body) in the Current Body stat, the Character is supposed to die. Ahh, but he has Invulnerability 5! And the damage was of the physical sort — or it probably wouldn’t be the Current Body stat we’re looking at anyway — so Invulnerability applies here. Start with the Action Table, using an Invulnerability of 5 versus an {absolute value of the Current Body stat} of 3; rolling at least a 9 gets a chance to look at the next table, rolling at least an 11 increases the number of Column Shifts that will be adjusted, which could mean more Resultant APs.
Over on the Result Table, look at the intersection of Invulnerability 5 versus {absolute value of the Current Body stat} 3: it starts off at 2 points recovered right away! If the die roll had been high enough to be in the bold print back on the Action Table, we’d shift this column leftward, which means we might be all the way back up to 0 APs of Current Body stat — maybe higher, maybe even awake and back to full health!
In terms of the MEGS rules, Wolverine’s long life span is not due to his Regeneration Power, it’s due to his Invulnerability power … which must be at a pretty high level, given his Body in the first place. Dude won’t even drop dead of old age.
This is inspired by the power of the same name on page 47 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book".

Link: Body

Range: Self

Type: Dice

: 5
Factor Cost: 7

Power Bonus Options!

Mental Invulnerability

+1 to Factor Cost above

Mystical Invulnerability

+1 to Factor Cost above


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