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Cold Immunity

This is a physical based power. Characters that have this power have the ability to resist cold temperatures. This could be cold weather, intense cold of freezers, liquid nitrogen or even cold based attacks.
White Lily gestures, the meta-powered tattoos decorating her arms glow with an unearthly blue light. A blast of sub-zero air, so cold that ice instantly forms in its wake, spears at your group!
— Game Master
I got this! Cold never bothered me anyway...
Mon ami, you watch that movie far too much...
This power is automatic, activating when the character comes into contact with cold temperatures. When that happens, the character adds their APs of their Cold Immunity power to their RV for defense.
So I don't need to roll, just hurl myself in the way? Great!
You know you don't have to 'yeet' yourself to get in place? You can just step in the way...
— Game Master
However, this power may be purchased with the Power Bonus: Cold Absorption for an increase of +2 Factor Cost when buying the power.
With the Cold Absorption bonus, a character can elect to try and absorb the incoming cold-based attack. To do that, the character's APs of Cold Immunity become the AV/EV against the incoming APs of cold-attack which are the OV/RV. If the character gains any positive RAPs, then the character is able to absorb the cold attack.
An important thing to remember! A character may be get less RAPs back than they have APs in Cold Immunity from the Result Chart. That does not mean they take damage, it just means they only were able to process a portion of what they tried to absorb.
Now, what if the character rolls very well and gets more RAPs back than they have APs in Cold Immunity? Well, they can only use as many RAPs as they have in AP rating of the Cold Immunity power. So here, if Sleet had rolled very well and gained 12 RAPs, but only has 8 APs of Cold Immunity, then he can only add 8 to his defense. That last 4? Those are not damage, they are just lost with no harm to anyone.
BUT WAIT! There's more!
Oh no... I mean, yes?
— Game Master
I'mma gonna absorb it!
Right, you did purchase
that bonus. Ok, roll it...
— Game Master
3 RAPs, nice work. Remember that gets added to your RV to stop any physical damage for awhile. I'll let you look up the APs of time based on your power, while I have Whipcord knock the snot out of Blackjack.
— Game Master, consulting The Action Chart and The Result Chart again
Once absorbed, those RAPs may be added to the character's RV against physical attacks for a length of time equal to their APs of Cold Immunity. It will act as a temporary ablative armor that is added only to the character's RV. This is because the ice boosts the character's toughness, or ability to resist damage, not avoid it.
After a length of time equal to the APs of Cold Immunity, the absorbed cold has dissipated through the character's system with no ill effects.
The manner of how this visually is displayed on the character must be described when his bonus is purchased.
Lowlife meta-human! Get out of my way...
Je suis désolé, Whipcord, but you are NOT kidnapping anyone today.
This is inspired by the power of the same name in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book", suggestions from Mutants and Masterminds Ultimate Powers and a slew of cold-based heroes and villains.
Cold Immunity

Link: Body

Range: Self

Type: Auto

: 5
Factor Cost: 4

Power Bonus Option!

Cold Absorption

+2 to Factor Cost above


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