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Energy Blast

This is a Physical Power that can be used for Attacks.

With the understanding that we are playing the Dark Champions Genre and not the Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow Genre, this Power is the one where a bolt of energy fires from a designated part of the Character's Body.

Pick a Pure Energy Format

The first thing that must be done during Character Creation is to specify what kind of "pure energy" they emit. Some options seen in the campaign:
Hard Light energy
Simon Kincaid
Hard Dark energy
Moonbeam Blast
Concussive Pulse
Energy forms in traditional published comic books have included "light" with no further explanation, "magnetic energy", "thermal power" or "infrared" to create a heat beam, "cosmic radiation", "ion beams", "concussive energy", "plasmoids" or "plasma blasts". So long as it suits the character concept and its primary attack is physical in nature, it probably works as an Energy Blast.

Pick a Body Part

The next thing that must be done is to establish which body part emits the beam! Many people like to emit energy from their hands, whether that is from the palm or requires fingers be curled into a fist. Others prefer a gaze attack; if they are looking at a target, that is where they aim. We have also seen people choose their torsos as the emanation source, leaving hands and head free to do Automatic Actions at the same time as the attack.
Again: our Genre adds a few restrictions here. No orifices (including the mouth, please; Sonic Beam is a separate Power). Nothing directly related to the reproductive system. Contravention of the Genre will definitely have the entire Character rejected from the campaign, and will subject the Player's future submissions to grumpier scrutiny.
On the other hand, preference for a single finger is probably fine, including the middle one. A concept with Energy Blasts that come from forearms and shins? Sounds intriguing. Energy Blasts through the soles of the feet, also explaining why the character has Air Walking? That could be nifty!

Same Power, with more math

Energy Blast is eligible for a wide array of Power Bonuses and Power Limitations. One of those is "Area Effect" -- at the point of the blast's arrival, it then explodes in a spherical 3 AP attack on all eligible targets. Remember that this will affect foes, friends, furniture, bystanders, everything that is capable of taking physical damage from this energy type; remember also that if Area Effect was purchased with this Power, it always happens. Every time the Energy Blast is used.
Energy Blast is eligible for the Self-Link enhancement.
This is inspired by the power of the same name in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book" on page 44; the MMORPG “City of Heroes”; suggestions from Mutants and Masterminds Ultimate Powers; and heroes and villains across the comic book space that blast energy beams of various sorts in straight lines out of their body part of choice.
Energy Blast

Link: Body

Range: Normal

Type: Dice

: 15
Factor Cost: 3

Power Bonus Options!

Area Effect

+1 to Factor Cost above


see article!

Power Limitation Options!


-1 to Factor Cost above


-2 to Factor Cost above

No Range

-1 to Factor Cost above

Power Burnout

see article!

Power Restriction

-1 to Factor Cost above

To link this Power on a character sheet, copy and paste this code (with no line breaks) where the Power Name would go:

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@[Energy Blast](power:b0d6bbc6-b22b-47af-b669-5b25ba3c90a6)


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