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Sean Michael Freeborn

Physical Description

Special abilities

Iradium has the ability to generate different frequencies and types of energy collectively called by the general public as 'radiation'. Over time, he developed his abilities to the point that he can either cause damage ( one example is through high-intensity energy he focuses through his eyes ) or heal ( as by stimulating a patient's natural ability to heal so that they have a temporary regenerative ability for a very short time ).


A side effect of being able to generate and control these radiation fields is that he also uses them to fly and shield himself from some level of harm.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Iradium, real name Sean Michael Freeborn, is the Chief of Public Relations for Phoenix Industries' Metropolis office.


The office is mostly administrative, keeping the relationships between the various daughter companies unkinked, so he seldom has to do any major appearances. Mostly he filters paperwork so that anything put in front of Jean-Claude Gironde really is something the Boss has to handle personally.


CFO Bernie Weinstein is just a teensy bit neurotic, so that filtration is definitely needed. (Bernie's also got some minor mystic abilities handed down from his mother's Jewish Magus family tradition. This plus "lack of self-assurance" equals "IT'S FINE, BERNIE, no, REALLY, you do NOT suck as a financial wizard. Just make an investment recommendation and move on, already." Sixty percent of Sean's workweek, right there.) Iradium deals with Metropolis and WNYC on those very rare occasions where he gets involved in hero work.

Current Location
Current Residence
Aligned Organization

  • 2002

    6 April

    An Adventure Film Serial by George Seitz
    Life, Crime

    Rather than allow this rather imperious lady to use her not inconsiderable political connections to stir up a lot of trouble for Blackjack and his former associates, Wyldfire has been assigned to step into the gap and pass themselves off as "Monsieur Paxton's team". Details are as follows....

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  • 2002

    24 May

    25 May

    Four Score

    Fright, Thomas, Sean, and Doc Steven just wanted to go find a safe bar for a drink -- "safe" defined as "someplace the tipsy Women of Wyldfire will not think to look for us". That's it: that's all they want: a safe bar for a few beers.

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  • 2003

    8 January

    Death Trap du Jour

    Wyldfire has been sent on an ultra-secret rescue mission on an island not too far from Easter Island.

    This rocky, inhospitable island was the site of a secret archaeological dig. Preliminary reports were that it served as an observation point for the Nazi Reich during early parts of WWII, and then became a stopover for Nazi leaders escaping to the jungles of the Amazon. Red Skull probably worked out of here during the eighties or nineties.
    But before that, as the dismantle-villain-base company discovered, the deeper recesses of the complex may have been a viking shelter -- with strangely advanced water- and light-filtering systems. The archaeology team was trying to narrow down the origin civilization when a storm came through ... and they haven't been heard from since!

    Atlantic Ocean
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