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Flame Immunity

This is a physical based power. Characters that have this power can resist blistering temperatures. This could be actual fire, extreme heat sources as from an explosion, or heat based attacks.
Ok, Backdraft, you walk into the warehouse your Young Justice teammates rented for training purposes. You see a man, actually an anthropomorphic panther standing there. It takes you a moment, then you realize that is the mercenary Puma, who is also the uncle of your teammate Corsair.
— Game Master
Oh, wow! Hey, you're Puma! What are you doing here?
— a confused Backdraft
Your teammates wanted you to get some help in developing your fire powers. So they hired me. Ready?
Puma putting on a backpack
Oh... wait. What's that?
— a confused Backdraft
My favorite flamethrower.
Puma, pulling the trigger
Backdraft, running very, very fast
This power is automatic, activating when the character comes into contact with extremely hot temperatures. When that happens, the character adds their APs of their Flame Immunity power to their RV for defense.
What? I don't roll... but... I DON'T HAVE THAT POWER!
Backdraft, still running...
For right now you do...
— Game Master
You know... you could've led with that...
Backdraft, not so much with the running...
However, this power may be purchased with the Power Bonus: Heat Absorption for an increase of +2 Factor Cost when buying the power.
With the Heat Absorption bonus, a character can elect to try to absorb the incoming heat-based attack. To do that, the character's APs of Flame Immunity become the AV/EV against the incoming APs of heat-based attack which are the OV/RV. If the character gains any positive RAPs from the roll, then the character can absorb the heat-based attack.
Bear in mind, the RAPs the character gets off the Result Chart may be less than their APs of Flame Immunity. That's ok! It just means that was all the extreme heat the character was able to absorb and convert. The rest is not damage.
Also! If a character rolls very well and gets more RAPs than they have APs of Flame Immunity, they may only no more than their APs of the power. So if they have an 8AP in Flame Immunity and gained 12 RAPs from a very good roll, they may only use 8 of those RAPs. The rest, sadly, are lost.
Ok... ok... that wasn't so bad. It sort of tingled.
Backdraft, gulping air and checking to see if his clothes are on fire
Now kid, try and absorb it.
Puma, swapping to a full fuel tank
Backdraft, frozen like a deer in flamethrower-shaped headlights...
Y'know. Absorb it. Like a sponge soaking water. C'mon. It's for SCIENCE!
Puma, pulling the trigger
Backdraft, running very, very fast... again
Once absorbed, those RAPs may be added to the character's OV against physical attacks for a length of time equal to their APs of Flame Immunity. It is added to their OV because the excessive heat absorbed doesn't make the character tougher; it speeds them up. This temporary speed allows them an improved chance to avoid being hit.
Ok, Backdraft, you rolled a 15! Good job. That gets you a solid 4 RAPs to add to your OV against any more damage.
— Game Master
Why my OV?
Backdraft, not so much running but amazed he's not flame-broiled
Simple. Your OV or Offensive Value represents you trying to avoid getting hit. Sort of like ducking aside. You absorbed a lot of fire, so you'll duck a lot faster temporarily. At least for the APs in time of your power. It's not superspeed, just improved reflexes.
— Game Master, smiling a little too much
After a length of time equal to the APs of Flame Immunity, the absorbed heat or fire has dissipated through the character's system with no ill effects.
Be aware that this only works against extreme heat sources, such as a literal fire or hotter temperatures. This may not be used to absorb another person's body temperature or anything cooler than an actual fire.
The manner of how this visually is displayed on the character must be described when his bonus is purchased.
All right kid, now that you're charged up, lets test this 'improved duck and cover' you supposedly have.
Puma, pulling out a different, all too large tube and belt device
Hold on! What's THAT?
Backdraft, considering more of that running
This? Oh, this is my favorite tennis ball cannon. Only she's a little modified. This one's belt-fed.
Puma, flipping the switch to 'on'
This is inspired by the power of the same name in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book", suggestions from Mutants and Masterminds Ultimate Powers and a boatload of fire-based heroes and villains.
Flame Immunity

Link: Body

Range: Self

Type: Auto

: 5
Factor Cost: 4

Power Bonus Option!

Heat Absorption

+2 to Factor Cost above


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Dec 10, 2020 07:36

So, since the absorption power works with extreme heat that would mean steam works too, right?

Dec 10, 2020 11:36 by C. B. Ash

As a matter of fact, yes! Any extreme heat source. In the case of steam, the character would be able to absorb the heat. However, they would still get damp from the water. That part they would not be able to do anything about.

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Thank you for Clarifying this for me

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