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Always On

In the original rules, this was titled "Power Always On". We only remember that when we are looking directly at page 42 of the White Book.  
A Power with this Limitation is, in fact, always on unless it has been reduced to 0 APs by an attacking Power or Vulnerability. Whether the Character is conscious or not, willing or not, alone or in company, eager to garner or to avoid notice, in perfect health or down to their last shred of endurance, the Power is active.
Some restrictions apply:
  • Only Automatic Powers are capable of carrying the "Always On" Limitation.
  • In fact, only Powers that can ordinarily be turned on and off are eligible for "Always On".
    Regeneration and Power Reserve, two Automatic Powers, cannot be marked "Always On" because by their nature, they already are functioning at all times.
Adapted mostly faithfully from the Power Limitation of the same name on page 42 in the DC Heroes 3rd Edition "White Book".
Type: Power Limitation
Mod: -1 Factor Cost
Only: "Automatic" Powers that were originally designed to be At Will but not Always On

GMs will occasionally allow a little wiggle room on the "Auto Only" restriction if that is the only way to represent a concept within the MEGS system -- but it will always be to the Character's detriment, not to their advantage. Even then, it will usually be a Subplot, meant for eventual resolution, rather than saving Hero Point cost on the character sheet.


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