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"Malleable Aegis Tactical Rapid Infiltration and Exploitation Corporation", otherwise known simply as M.A.T.R.I.X., is one of – if not the – most elite unit of private military services in the world. Their agents are renwoned for combating both harsh environments, as well as opponents of all stripe and stature. This includes most vigilantes and heroes.   The MATRIX team always consists of five agents wearing "bio-reactive" armor, each with a distinctive color a: primary color edged or swirled with a white or black secondary color. The bio-reactive armor acts as a “second skin” which is fairly resistant to average “street-level” ballistic, impact and bladed weaponry. Even standing still, the act of breathing causes the swirls and trim patters in the suit to slowly move on their own, flowing like a sheen of oil over water. Their code names are: Razor, Octopi, Scythe, Dawn and Dusk.   The current CEO and owner of MATRIX is business magnate, Sirus Mandrake. Sirus is the only one who knows the actual identity of the active five MATRIX team members.

Public Agenda

Private military service willing to combat vigilante heroes and villains around the world.


MATRIX bio-reactive armor
Corporation, Conglomerate
Notable Members


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