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We mostly use the Weaponry Skill as it's written in the book, but we have made one hefty House Rule adjustment to the Exotic Weapons Subskill: not only is it unavailable for default-to-Dexterity use by characters who have not spent the time and the HP to buy it, but also Exotic Weapons must be purchased as a Subskill specifically for each Exotic Weapon in question. Someone who knows how to use the Penguin's special Umbrellas or Leonard Snart's Cold-Gun will not also know how to wield Knight Thrasher's Web Shooters, and vice versa.
Everything else can be attempted by an unskilled character. But after taking off those two column shifts for Unskilled attempts, is the hero not better off using their own skills and powers?
Modified from DC Heroes Roleplaying Game Second Edition
page 81
published by Mayfair Games
Game Mechanics
Link: Dex
Base Cost: 5
Factor Cost: 6
Number of subskills: 5


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