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Hammer Empire

There are criminal organizations, fanatical groups devoted to a 'cause' - such as the Ivory Talons or devoted to money and scientific progress by any means like AIM - and then there is the Hammer Empire.
From the black helicopters and hovercraft to shadowy agents and commando teams with superior training, Hammer Empire resembles any of the other global criminal organizations that seek to control the world and its inhabitants by their terms. However, that would be only what's on the surface and may be exactly what they want you to see.
The Hammer Empire is a global organization with branches on most, if not all, continents. However, they aren't always working to destabilize a government. At times they are working to support one that - in the long term - may curtail their activities. Though, will it? The Hammer Empire operates as much as a business with mercenaries and expertise for hire as they do a criminal organization that violates international law for their own profit and gain, if not conquest in smaller countries.


Rumors surround their origins but through all the stories, one element remains consistent. In the years following World War II but before the height of the Cold War, a figure emerged to lead a group of mercenaries and inventors who were overlooked in the post-war scramble to loot intellectuals and research. This figure was a man named Maximus. Rumors suggest Maximus was a product of a super soldier project or "human enhancement" experiment to 'create' a meta-powered human.
However, while there is evidence of the laboratory where Maximus was 'born', no organization or country has ever discovered who was behind the effort. Likewise, no one who worked at the lab survived an explosion that consumed the lab, save Maximus himself. Still, other rumors suggest that Maximus himself destroyed the lab in an effort to prevent another like himself from being 'made' or 'born'.
Either way, Maximus successfully brokered contracts with many third-world nations where his "Legionaries" or troopers would serve as a protecting force. In other instances, he was the mastermind behind several heists involving nuclear weapons research, which he then brokered as a commodity to first world countries that lacked such technology. Such deals were with a price ... allowing a member of Maximus' "Hammer Empire" to sit in an advisory role in some innocent part of that countries' structure, such as agriculture or transportation.
And so the Hammer Empire was born.


The Hammer Empire styles itself along similar lines as the Roman Empire, with Maximus as its leader. Under Maximus, he maintains a set of officers he considers his "Imperial Council". Below the council lie the divisions of the Hammer Empire which fuel medical research, technological manufacturing, the Hammer Empire's "Legions", and more.
The Imperial Council
The Council acts as a combination of a "Roman Senate" and "Advisors" to Maximus. Council membership isn't permanent but a rotating position held by two officers drawn from each Hammer Empire division. Each pair of officers takes on this job duty for one year, then they are expected to release this position in favor of two new officers.
However, unlike their ancient model, deciding on which officers sit on the Council for a year isn't done through elections. The selection process is done through the evaluation of performance within their particular division. Each division head submits four candidates that haven't served on the Council in the past three years. Maximus makes the final decision as to who sits on his Council.
Hammer Divisions
Each division is organized around a 'focus' or a core discipline. Within that, each division is allowed to branch into new areas that may even overlap some of the other divisions. Through this Maximus has remarked this provides a bonus to the whole of the Empire with regards to what the Empire can produce as an offering or field as capability.
However, it isn't unheard of for a given Hammer Empire division to try and challenge Maximus for control of the Hammer Empire itself. This has led to an 'aggressive restructuring' of said division.
Current divisions are centered around bio-engineering, cybernetic engineering, mechanical innovation, and applied physics just to list a few.
Each division is expected to maintain its own cohort of Hammer Empire legionnaires or troopers. The structure itself is based around a squad of 8 troopers, which are then grouped into a "Century" or 10 squads and so on following the ancient Roman structure, with some modifications for a modern world with meta-powered individuals.
Across the world, the Hammer Empire breaks down and organizes itself into cells. Inside these cells, there are members from each division working to expand the needs of their division, and collectively support the cell and its particular mission. This, in turn, supports the Hammer Empire.

Motivation and Goals

The motto of the Hammer Empire - "I shall either find a way or make one" - points towards its motivation, yet doesn't reveal what it is. The Hammer Empire traffics in technology, manpower, and manipulation. Just as ancient Rome was sustained through trade and conflict, so is the Hammer Empire. Only the commodities in the modern era are of a different nature than what was used in ancient Rome.
The Hammer Empire motivation - and goal - is to secretly control or shepherd the storm of 'meta-humanity'. That is the 'storm' they believe rose when the first meta-powered humans were seen during World War II. They see themselves as the ones who can help shape the world yet to come by adjusting the world as it is now. This could mean helping secure the safety of one small democratic nation, while at the same time destroying another. The same mindset applies to the 'heroes' that have appeared across the globe. This has brought them into conflict with many heroes, hero teams, and other villain organizations.


Hammer Empire tactics start with information. One mission for all Hammer Empire cells around the globe is to gather profiles of local heroes and hero teams. As a result, it isn't uncommon for Hammer Empire commando teams to be sent out to perform 'fake' robberies or other criminal activities designed to attract local heroes and law enforcement. From there, recordings and records are kept - and refreshed over time - detailing a hero or hero team's particular style, powers, and methods.
Outside of the above "research", Hammer Empire tactics revolve around the eight-person squad. In committing to a mission, no matter the goal, the Hammer Empire sends out an 8 person squad with six committing the mission and two taking on the role of spotters, observers, and rescue if the team has trouble from law enforcement, heroes, or hero teams.
In those situations, the two observers will often call in reinforcements. This often takes the form of a second squad empowered by cybernetic or biotech enhanced troopers or a team that includes one of the Hammer Empire's wide variety of combat robots, such as the Hercules Class "Titan" or its larger, more powerful brother, the "Goliath".

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam

( "I shall either find a way or make one" )

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