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AIMing to Misbehave: Chapter 7



Welcome back!
A quick bargain and brief discussion later, our heroes set out with their new allies, the Hammer Empire! After ambushing another crew of AIM thieves, our heroes and their allies had exactly what they needed! Quickly disguising themselves as members of AIM, they headed into the abandoned parking deck and met with AIM’s transport team.
Once they were close, they sprung their trap.
Leaping out, our heroes hit the AIM technicians and cybercommandos head on. The Hammer Empire team poured in a few seconds later to help corral the ones that escaped Wyldfire’s ambush. But before they could, the tables turned. The ambushers were ambushed!
Suddenly, what looked like AIM cybercommandos turned out to be humanoid plant creatures! But instead of clockwork moss, these were pumpkin-headed clockwork! The surprise drove the heroes and their allies back, looking for cover. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Team Luthor swarmed in with their humanoid combat drones, cutting off the main exit!
But something wasn’t right. Hammer Empire had been tracking Team Luthor and had no warning they were nearby. Then Feral, with her super senses, had not picked up any trace of Team Luthor either. Only Amythyst had the answer... it was AIM all along.
At the entrance, AIM had leaped out of hiding and turned an unknown sonic weapon at the team. One that causes mental illusions, clouding their minds!
Everyone except for Amythyst!
Meanwhile, while our heroes and Hammer Empire are caught in the jaws of the AIM trap, not far away Dr. Hogan Grimm begins work on the last phase of his plans. Once completed, his work and his legions of Clockwork Moss minions may spell doom for Wyldfire and the city of Metropolis itself!
It looks like all eyes are on Amythyst, True Believers. Is the Kryptonian Crystalline Crusader a match for AIM Mad Science? Or will AIM’s new prototype spell doom for our heroes and their allies?
Only one way to know! Let’s check in on our heroes and find out!

This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




Wyldfire broke up the plans of Oscorp and the Society of Rao, but agreed to help a young woman and her brother out of a tight spot. Robin Finn, an Oscorp Field Technician, asked Wyldfire to help rescue her brother, Trevor, from the grip of AIM.
The criminal organization has been holding Trevor hostage to force Miss Finn to steal Oscorp secrets for them. To add further insult to injury, AIM has been forcing Trevor to help them. That way, they can use him as a scapegoat for their heists if Robin tried to turn on AIM.
Compared to corporate secret projects and fanatical extra-terrestrial terrorists, this seems simple on the surface. But AIM is always full of surprises.
All Wyldfire has to do is…
… using their wits, contacts, and other resources, track down the whereabouts of Trevor Finn.
A Little Sleuthing Later…
The team uncovers suspicious information…

  • A new gang of thieves are hitting shipments in the port at Riverside, the Suicide Slum district. Their latest theft? Experimental tech from LexCorp warehouses.
  • Unexplained patches of moss and soil are left behind at the Riverside thefts. The soil is a good match for the old Ironworks area north of Metropolis.
  • The moss turns out to be a mysterious hybrid plant, made from at least five other plants. One of which is the rare ghost orchid that grows around Vibora Bay.
  • It seems that AIM is discreetly looking to hire someone skilled at cultivating orchids.
  • Despite AIM’s quiet hiring effort, publicly, AIM is avoiding all of Metropolis!
  • Last, even though most of the factories in the area of the old Ironworks are abandoned and up for sale, one might not be so empty: the Lincoln Industries factory complex. Interestingly, that complex is in the area where local power brownouts have been taking place.
  • This sends them off with a promising place to check: the Lincoln Industries facilities.
    Wyldfire has uncovered plenty at the old factory. More of the unusual moss and plenty of ill-advised engineering!
    The moss is part of ill-advised experiment involving cybenetically integrating it with a clockwork robotic skeleton made of covatrinium, an unusual metal made from the San Sebastian swamp earth outside of Vibora Bay.
    As the the ‘plasma generator’, while it looks to generate massive amounts of electricity, AIM notes refer to it as a Chroniton generator. Could this be a massive generator to control and generate a Chroniton Wave Effect known to produce quantum level alterations in matter… and people?
    During their conversation with the rogue AIM agents, Trevor Finn and Grant Mason, there is no doubt that AIM, specifically Dr. Hogan Grimm, are behind this. Grimm’s plans are nothing short of a possible assault on the city. It could simply be against Metropolis’ infrastructure, or it could be against the city and its inhabitants!
    Team Luthor presents a new wrinkle. Under orders form Lex Luthor himself, the power-armored assault force of Team Luthor is to turn over every rock and building for the stolen Chroniton generators. But it isn’t the generators they want. Instead, they’re after the mysterious focusing crystals found inside!
    Then, there is Hammer Empire. A shadowy organization who doesn’t suffer thieves or being robbed lightly. Especially by the likes of AIM!
    But wait!
    Armed with what they learned at the Infinity Foundation labs, the Wyldfire team is using experimental detectors to track down the trace emissions of cobalt gamma radiation! The same energy given off by the unique AIM serum used to mutate the Java moss.
    Combined with what Medkit, or Dr. Steven Reynolds, found in his investigation into the mysterious Dr. Grimm’s past, the team looks to ambush AIM during a transfer of their ill-gotten gains! Perhaps then, they’ll get the answers they are looking for.
    Scouting out an abandoned park, they find AIM conducting a deal with more stolen technology. But! They’re not alone! In the shadows, a Hammer Empire team is watching AIM… and Wyldifre!
    Answers to such questions as…
    … what are these ‘focusing crystals’? What makes them so important to LexCorp that they would send out their elite security forces to track them down?
    …Dr. Grimm, supposedly, plans to “green” Metropolis. What does that mean?
    … the rogue AIM agents mentioned that Grimm constantly mentions a ‘Her’. Who is this mysterious ‘Her’ at the core of Grimm’s plans to possibly merge or mutate Metropolis itself?



  • Trevor Finn, rogue AIM cyber-commando. The young man who was the original goal but now has brought a warning of a bigger threat for the team to handle.
  • Grant Mason, rogue AIM cyber-commando. AIM applied physics and quantum particle scientist who agrees with Trevor that what Dr. Grimm is attempting is beyond the bounds of even AIM's shaky grasp of 'ethics'.
  • Dr. Beast, our very own, blue-furred, renowned scientist and chief researcher of Infinity Foundation. A long time ally of the team.
  • Tesla Coil, the genius inventor of the Knights Vigilant hero team in New York City, and one half the brilliant talent behind Questworks Engineering, Ltd.
  • Donata, keen mind behind the inventions used by the hero team, Mouse Force and the other half of Questworks Engineering, Ltd.
  • ShadowStar, technologist and "Ghost in the Machine" for the Wyldfire team!
  • Neutrals/Bystanders

  • Hammer Empire. A deadly terrorist organzation with shadowy goals. Often, they are behind attempts to destabilize governments of cities and countries when they are not working to topple mega-corporations. All in the name of a new world order... specifically theirs.
  • But now!

  • Hammer Empire has decided that working with Wyldfire is in their best interests. How long will that last? Only time will tell!
  • Competitors

  • Team Luthor. From robotic drones, cybernetics, power armor and even meta powers, this highly trained team of security specialists are dedicated to Lex Luthor himself. For them to be involved, Lex Luthor had to have sent them personally...
  • Adversaries

  • Advanced Idea Mechanics, also known as "AIM". The criminal organization that brings a whole new meaning to 'lack of ethics' and put the 'mad' in 'mad science' are always a problem. But historically they work for the highest bidder. Just who is paying them now?
  • Dr. Hogan Grimm. Renegade scientist and lone exile from the mysterious Eureka Settlement for unethical scientific research. He appears to be working for AIM. But is he? Or is he using AIM for his own ends?
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