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The mouse lady Alpha? meta? You know what I mean.

Yeah. She might be their team leader, I couldn’t figure that one out. But I did catch right away she’s got a scary good sense of tactics.

She also hits like a truck with those stinking stun batons…
— David "Puma" Ironhorse, thief and mercenary for hire
Donata is the shrewd tactician and inventor of the team, Mouse Force. Like her siblings, she is the product of a mutate process used by Dr. Overmind to ‘create a perfect combat drone’. Her calm, collected demeanor coupled with her deductive reasoning skills earned her the nickname of “Braniac” by those that know her.
The nickname is apt. Donata is always thinking, applying deductive reasoning to the world around her. As an inventor, she works at a staggering pace. However, at her core she is a thinker and an observer with an astounding ability to recognize patterns from the most innocent details around her.
However, this gift is also her curse. It doesn’t come with an ‘off’ switch. This power of hyper-observation, taking in a storm of data, is an event that is happening to her constantly throughout her day. She has been developing coping mechanisms, however it's a work in progress.

An Inventor by Any Other Name…

What? Donata is a nice name. If I recall, it means 'a gift'.
Tesla Coil, one of the inventors for the Knights Vigilant
Her name, at one time or another, has always become a topic of conversation. Unlike her brothers, who have the names of classical creators, Donata does not. Neither is it shortened. As the saying goes, truth can be stranger and more interesting than fiction.
Donata in the field by CB Ash and Hero Forge
Unlike the others, Donata has a more complete picture of their ‘birth’. Including who is actually responsible. Her ‘mother’ was a geneticist that was working for Dr. Overmind. Donata never learned if it was a willing business arrangement or not.
However, it was this mysterious scientist that gave Donata her name. Dubbing her ‘Donata’, the scientist declared the young mouse-human hybrid was ‘a gift to the world’, despite that the experiment was to further Dr. Overmind’s criminal enterprises.


Donata is the chief inventor and ‘gadgeteer’ of Mouse Force. When not whipping up some new tech for her teammates, she works as a partner with the superhero Telsa Coil in their engineering consulting business, Questworks Engineering, Ltd.

Two Sides of the Coin

In person, Donata has a quiet, yet cheerful personality. Ever thinking, she adores a good puzzle and is willing to share the joy. However, out working as a 'superhero' is a different story.
There, Donata is all business. A quiet, methodical detective, stalking either the mystery, criminal responsible... or both.

More Than Meets the Eye...

Despite her anthropomorphic appearance, serious attitude in the field and cheerful, Donata's strengths lie beneath the surface. Her primary attribute is her mind and what she calls 'hyper-observation' where she is constantly taking in, and mentally recording, hundreds of tiny pieces of information. However, she is far more than just a sharp mind with a knack for gadgets.
Her 'hyper-observation' and ability to quickly 'scan' or 'read' someone or something for patterns, carries over into other skills. Specifically the martial arts. She is a skilled combatant in both armed and unarmed combat. The physical training helps her focus while being constantly bombarded by a daily overload of information.
Ok, sure. She was right in guessing, and no I'm not going to call it 'deducing', that I might have been about to do something... let's go with questionable legality. But c'mon... it was Oscorp! They've earned it.

... and yes, there was a chance for collateral damage...
— David "Puma" Ironhorse, trying desperately to justify his actions.


In general, she follows the mantra of "Responsibility of Power" or "With great power, comes great responsibility". Or how she likes to put it: "With great invention, comes great responsibility."
Outside of that, she has a kind heart and in a world teeming with greedy corporations, "super" criminals and more, she believes someone has to stand up for the "average person".
Did I mention she hits like a truck?
— David "Puma" Ironhorse, thief and mercenary for hire



Dating (Important)

Towards Tesla Coil



Tesla Coil

Dating (Important)

Towards Donata



While not a guinea pig, Donata, or Dona, is inspired by Juarez from the Disney movie G-Force, Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Gadget Hackwrench from Rescue Rangers. Oscorp is of course inspired by the Marvel Comics Oscorp, just as STAR Labs is inspired by the DC Comics' STAR Labs.

Donata of Mouse Force by CB Ash with Artbreeder
Responsibility of Power
Current Location
34 (approximate, from a study conducted by Dr Beast)
dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
brown-tan fur
5' 9" (1.7 m)
160 lbs
Aligned Organization

Dark Secrets

Donata not only remembers far more than her brothers, she understood some of what was being done during the ‘process’. Since escaping Dr. Overmind’s control with the help of the Knights Vigilant, she has unraveled large portions of how she and her brothers were created.
They have rodent origins. However, she knows they are not just ‘altered’ or ‘meta-enhanced’ mice. They unique human-mice hybrids from a genetic point of view. Donata is certain that she and her brothers are clones. Clones of who? Or what? She isn’t sure.
This tidbit of information she keeps to herself, for now…

Ever The Detective

The greatest mystery that haunts Donata is the identity of her 'mother'.
Who is she? Where did she come form?
Donata remembers arguments between her creator and Dr. Overmind. Then one day, her 'mother' vanished.
These days, Donata collects any scrap of news or information that might lead to uncovering the identity of this mystery scientist. Currently, everything points to a researcher from S.T.A.R. Labs... or from the nefarious Infinity Inc...


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