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AIMing to Misbehave: Chapter 3



Welcome back!
The plasma generator turned out to be more than meets the eye! Inside a battered testing warehouse, the team examined a shattered, but still functional, plasma generator. A ghostly green haze surrounded the device while it tried to come back to life.
That, as it turned out, wasn’t the only thing ready to spring to life!
Burned moss rose off the tiled floor to attack the team, using hastily assembled cybernetic skeletons made from nigh unbreakable Covatrinium metal parts! A surprise visit by two teams of AIM cyber-commandos added to the excitement.
But two of those AIM elite troopers were not what they seemed! At the last moment, two of the troopers turned on the others and helped Wyldfire take down the rest. One of our heroes’ newfound AIM allies? The missing Trevor Finn!
It took only a moment’s consideration before Wyldfire agreed to work with the two rogue AIM commandos. They quickly retreated a few blocks away to share information and plan their next move against AIM.
Meanwhile, the diabolical Dr. Hogan Grimm and source of the team’s troubles, received word of the fight at the factory complex. Concerned for his work, the scientist dispatched dozens of his Clockwork Moss creations across the Ironworks district, hoping to lock down the threat. While his biomechanical minions searching the area, he doubles his efforts to complete his work!
But wait!
Little does Dr. Grimm or Wyldfire know, another player has entered this game of cat and mouse, True Believers! After the Metropolis emergency services leave the old Lincoln Industries factory, a team of gray-clad LexCorp Security Drone-Runners arrive to start their own search, looking for the stolen LexLab technology.
It’s a deadly game of hunter meets hunted with a botanical twist!
So, hold on to your Bunsen burners, True Believers, as our heroes are about to take AIM at a close encounter of the Mad Science kind!

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Wyldfire broke up the plans of Oscorp and the Society of Rao, but agreed to help a young woman and her brother out of a tight spot. Robin Finn, an Oscorp Field Technician, asked Wyldfire to help rescue her brother, Trevor, from the grip of AIM.
The criminal organization has been holding Trevor hostage to force Miss Finn to steal Oscorp secrets for them. To add further insult to injury, AIM has been forcing Trevor to help them. That way, they can use him as a scapegoat for their heists if Robin tried to turn on AIM.
Compared to corporate secret projects and fanatical extra-terrestrial terrorists, this seems simple on the surface. But AIM is always full of surprises.
All Wyldfire has to do is…
… using their wits, contacts, and other resources, track down the whereabouts of Trevor Finn.
A Little Sleuthing Later…
The team uncovers suspicious information…

  • A new gang of thieves are hitting shipments in the port at Riverside, the Suicide Slum district. Their latest theft? Experimental tech from LexCorp warehouses.
  • Unexplained patches of moss and soil are left behind at the Riverside thefts. The soil is a good match for the old Ironworks area north of Metropolis.
  • The moss turns out to be a mysterious hybrid plant, made from at least five other plants. One of which is the rare ghost orchid that grows around Vibora Bay.
  • It seems that AIM is discreetly looking to hire someone skilled at cultivating orchids.
  • Despite AIM’s quiet hiring effort, publicly, AIM is avoiding all of Metropolis!
  • Last, even though most of the factories in the area of the old Ironworks are abandoned and up for sale, one might not be so empty: the Lincoln Industries factory complex. Interestingly, that complex is in the area where local power brownouts have been taking place.
  • This sends them off with a promising place to check: the Lincoln Industries facilities.
    Wyldfire has uncovered plenty at the old factory. More of the unusual moss and plenty of ill-advised engineering!
    The moss is part of ill-advised experiment involving cybenetically integrating it with a clockwork robotic skeleton made of Covatrinium, an unusual metal made from the San Sebastian Swamp earth outside of Vibora Bay.
    As the the ‘plasma generator’, while it looks to generate massive amounts of electricity, AIM notes refer to it as a Chroniton generator. Could this be a massive generator to control and generate a Chroniton Wave Effect known to produce quantum level alterations in matter… and people?
    There is no doubt that AIM, specifically one Dr. Hogan Grimm, is behind this. That much is certain.
    … there are questions to be answered!
    … is Hogan Grimm, renegade scientist from the mysterious Eureka project, working with AIM? Or is he as much a rogue element from AIM as Trevor Finn?
    …what is Dr. Grimm’s ultimate plans?
    … and what has Dr. Grimm been stealing from LexCorp that is sensitive enough to cause Team Luthor to release their elite Drone-Runner units?



  • Trevor Finn, rogue AIM cyber-commando. The young man who was the original goal but now has brought a warning of a bigger threat for the team to handle.
  • Grant Mason, rogue AIM cyber-commando. AIM applied physics and quantum particle scientist who agrees with Trevor that what Dr. Grimm is attempting is beyond the bounds of even AIM's shaky grasp of 'ethics'.
  • Neutrals/Bystanders

  • Team Luthor. From robotic drones, cybernetics, power armor and even meta powers, this highly trained team of security specialists are dedicated to Lex Luthor himself. For them to be involved, Lex Luthor had to have sent them personally...
  • Adversaries

  • Advanced Idea Mechanics, also known as "AIM". The criminal organization that brings a whole new meaning to 'lack of ethics' and put the 'mad' in 'mad science' are always a problem. But historically they work for the highest bidder. Just who is paying them now?
  • Dr. Hogan Grimm. Renegade scientist and lone exile from the mysterious Eureka Settlement for unethical scientific research. He appears to be working for AIM. But is he? Or is he using AIM for his own ends?
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