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AIMing to Misbehave


Greetings True Believers and Newcomers alike!

It’s been a quiet three weeks since our heroes tracked down the dire dealings by Oscorp Industries and the dangerous Society of Rao. Kidnap victims were returned home. The ill-gotten research data? Safely out of Oscorp and Rao's hands.
But not all the loose ends were tied up!
During the raid on the Oscorp lab in Metropolis, the team gained a surprising ally in one of the Oscorp Field Technicians, Robin Finn. In exchange for her help, Miss Finn asked Wyldfire to track down and rescue her brother, Trevor, from the clutches of AIM!
Now, with the threat of the Oscorp Protectors and the Society of Rao out of the way, the team begins their hunt. Wyldfire’s own ShadowStar takes to the digital realm, looking for any hint of Trevor’s last known whereabouts. The rest of Wyldfire has their network of contacts and their wits to rely on.
Meanwhile, on the far side of Metropolis along the Suicide Slum side of the river, the security for the Riverside branch of LexCorp blinks for a few seconds. A team of five AIM Infiltrators slip out with crates marked “LexLabs Particle Physics Division” and race for waiting boats on the shore.
A few seconds later, a Hammer Empire commando team races after them.
Is this two criminal plans, True Believers? Or with LexCorp involved, could it be three for the price of one?
I don't know, True Believers. What I do know, is that this looks like a job for

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  • Feral
  • Amythyst
  • Steven Reynolds
  • Don Blake

    with Special Guest

      Adel Urda-Na of Kandor on New Krypton!  


    Wyldfire broke up the plans of Oscorp and the Society of Rao, but agreed to help a young woman and her brother out of a tight spot. Robin Finn, an Oscorp Field Technician, asked Wyldfire to help rescue her brother, Trevor, from the grip of Advanced Idea Mechanics, better known as A.I.M!
    The criminal organization has been holding Trevor hostage to force Miss Finn to steal Oscorp secrets for them. To add further insult to injury, AIM has been forcing Trevor to help them. That way he can be used as a scapegoat for their heists if Robin tried to turn on AIM.
    Compared to corporate secret projects and fanatical extra-terrestrial terrorists, this seems simple on the surface. But AIM is always full of surprises.
    All Wyldfire has to do is…
    … using their wits, contacts, and other resources, track down the whereabouts of Trevor Finn.
    … since AIM has been implicating him in their crimes, what scheme is AIM plotting that needs to be undone? At the very least, exposed to show that Trevor is not the guilty party?

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