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AIMing to Misbehave Report

General Summary

Wyldfire Field Tablet

Field Lead Report

Interim Report: Summary

I am filing a report now, as we transit further into the Lincoln Industries complex, because it is likely we will head underground soon. The time is about two-thirty, Tuesday afternoon, November tenth, 2009.
No casualties.
No direct conflict yet. We do anticipate some, but cannot yet specify its nature or even its alliance.
No clear markers of suspect groups yet: no gaudy yellow. No prominent capital L. No heavy metal album power armor. Not even the new Kryptonian Masculinity Supremacists. I have reason to wonder about Clock King and/or M.A.T.R.I.X. here for a rematch, but not even circumstantial support yet.
This place is creeping me out moderately.
There was an electroplasmoid fireball.
I keep hearing gears.
Someone else disabled all external cameras. And arranged to regularly redistribute dust to erase transit marks.
If we do not check in by the end of dinner period, check with Dr. Beast regarding samples and with Silverwing regarding any city-issued utility emergencies, especially water quality alerts in eastern Northside, before assembling a follow-up.
Equip defenses against electric discharge and that whole laundry list you assembled years ago in case of hostile shogamorph. You know, the "what if it's amoeboid and uncommunicative" list.
"Stupid humans" protocol applies.
The body of the longer recap, attached, may have some logic holes. I have been assembling it quietly, on my burner tablet, when the rest of the team did not need my active participation. It is somewhat freeform. I normally prefer to tighten this up before I file. And plug the holes.

End summary.

Interim Report: Recap

Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 1:00 pm
Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 2:00 pm
Staff lounge, main building, Gironde School campus
We gathered as scheduled in the indoor staff lounge because that's where the comfy seating is. Some people prefer, when they're Project Lead, to use the restricted-access conference room in the sub-basement. Adel did not bring it up in the entire three weeks, the kitchen is fifty steps away on the same floor as this room, and -- again -- this has the comfy seats.
If the weather had been a smidgen warmer, I might have suggested the Lakehouse. But if the weather had been warmer, we would have more likely gotten walkthroughs by non-Project staff.
(I am a little surprised that neither Jerry nor Robert drifted in during our meeting. I thought the scent of Don's cookie tray would surely draw opportunistic carb-predators.)
To review -- our goal is to locate a site controlled by Advanced Idea Mechanics in which subject Trevor Finn is confined. In addition to information Dr. A gathered from our tipster, the subject's sister Robin Finn, each of us has used our private resources to seek AIM activity reports either recent, local, or ideally both. Our hunt has to start somewhere. Robin Finn approached Dr. A here in Metropolis. "Local", at least within the state, seems reasonable.
Attached, see my notes as everyone contributed their findings over the past three weeks:

Notes of Findings

Briefing Notes

  • Dr. A says brownouts on the north
  • also Lex stuff on north side
  • M talks about specific complications, north side. Lincoln Industries warehouse.
  • Don says particle physics cannon. Glitter confetti gun?
  • Don says moss. Uh oh. Probably not B. Probably not Poison Ivy, he says.
  • Dr. S says orchids. From V'bora.

My own addition to this was that a source who competes against AIM kept redirecting their conversation with me to draw my attention to a biker gang operating mostly near the river. Probably based in the Ironworks area, which is our side of the Lackawanna. They also emphasized their own fear-based admiration of Luthor, which I have passed on to Silverwing but do not anticipate having more than the usual exasperating effect on our current task.
After a brief side discussion about the "ghost orchids" and the moss, and potential connections to Vibora Bay, Louisiana, Adel chose in favor of the Lincoln Industries warehouse highlighted in Martin's contribution. We split up to grab weather-appropriate outerwear and regrouped at the SUV for the ride into the city.
approaching Lincoln Industries office-factory-warehouse complex
Ironworks District, Bayside, Metropolis
The Ironworks District may be the hardest-hit real estate area in Bayside. A lot of these old heavy manufacturing spots need to be completely dismantled right down to the subterranean foundation, decontaminated, then built up with more of a long-term sustainability plan.
Martin drove past a few times while Adel and Steven attempted informational scans. We then parked in the lot for the doughnut place near the intersection of Aldernay Avenue and Easley Street, and walked to the target location.
Exterior inspection on both sides of the building gave us a few scraps of information.
Dr. A determined that we should go in the front door together. Amythyst opened the realtor lock in the legally approvable method and we began our interior site inspection.
The interior had a lot of dust delineating places where furniture used to be. We soon discovered that something transits the hallway from the southern interior up to the north lobby, evening out most of the dust patterns. Adults have, sometime in the recent past entered via windows and kept snug to the east wall. Not all of their footprints were erased.
See Amythyst and Dr. B for a debrief regarding either a moss or an ooze, with supplemental footnotes probably from Dr. Beast.
I attempted to maintain rear guard. I soon found myself standing atop a desk, beckoning Medkit to join me so that he could make a visual search of the space between the drop ceiling and the structural ceiling. The railings were oddly reinforced. Electromagnetic cabling connected it. Medkit has excellent video of miniaturized hydroelectric generators placed in these spaces.

Quote from AIMing to Misbehave chapter 1 session report

Dr. A: I thought we were not going to commit any property damage...?
Medkit, waving to encompass all of Wyldfire: Have you met us?
— Project Lead Dr. A addresses Medkit and Feral,
Lincoln Industries front offices;
Wyldfire Adventures: AIMing to Misbehave
Misdirected water pressure may be partially responsible for recent power brownouts in this section of Metropolis Northside.
If interrogated by municipal representatives, I plan to offer no explanation for why the water main was disabled in the front yard, leaving a fountain in progress. Someone had circumvented the system limits on water flow in the fire suppression system. This must have required bypass installations in multiple city-owned locations. We must not foster a false sense of the danger having passed. Traps may be in place to prevent disruption of these bypasses.
Due to the domino effects on city water, Dr. A suspects we may have official eyes present on scene very soon. She has directed us to hasten our site inspection. If there's anything of use to our goal here, it is likely to be deeper inside the facility -- in the area where the heavy industrial equipment finished assembly, or in the testing room.
We have approached a reinforced door that still bears its warnings regarding the danger of high voltage within the next chamber. Amythyst is working to manually retract the locking bars, since we might want to be able to shut this door again for our safety or others'. Dr. B is not going to be dry enough to safely risk electrostatic any time soon. I am swapping to Airplane Mode in order to reduce signal leaks.

End report.

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