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Dr. Beast

"The Beast" and "Dr. McCoy" as used in reference to "The Beast" were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel Comics ( now owned by the Walt Disney Company. This character of "Dr. Beast" is heavily inspired by the aforementioned character but is not the same. It is a fan-fiction adaptation.

Henry Horatio Edward McCoy

Physical Description

Body Features

McCoy has a 'beastial' or anthropomorphic appearance that seems a cross of various mammalian species such as feline, canine, with a little fox or similar animals thrown in as well.

Physical quirks

He has a bad habit of 'overly enjoying' his wide vocabulary. Case in point is his habit of saying "Oh my stars and garters!" when surprised.

Special abilities

Dr. Beast's abilities are both his genius-level intellect and his anthropomorphic mixture that makes up his physical form. He is twice as nimble as the average human and his strength allows for superhuman feats of strength, easily allowing him to move the average car by hand. In addition, he has short claws on both hands and feet. His fur seems to be proof against subzero temperatures.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dr. Beast - also referred to simply 'the Beast' - real name Dr. Henry Horatio Edward McCoy, is a gleeful fixture of Metropolis scientific expertise.   While in the early days of Wyldfire, he was an active member of the "special projects" division, he later retired from that division to take on full-time work as a consultant.   Currently, he consults on occasional matters for the MPD, has an office at S.T.A.R. Labs, and collaborates often with Dr. Tafey Ann Sinjin-Gironde of Phoenix Tech. Dr. McCoy loves to trade leftover samples with Lex Luthor like children might trade duplicates from their sticker collections. Such consulting - as well as his wild-haired, blue-furred appearance - does place him in the eye of the public and the press. The latter he's quite happy to pontificate for - but watch out! he's blue-mooned the camera more than once!   But at his heart, he's always there to help Dr. Gironde and his "special projects" division. This leads to him wandering into the secret areas at the Gironde Institute whenever the mood strikes him.



One of his more common phrases is "Oh my stars and garters" when surprised.
Current Location
cobalt blue fur that never *quite* seems entirely combed.
Aligned Organization


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