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AIMing to MIsbehave: Chapter 2



Welcome back!
Power brownouts, a mysterious electro-static moss, and rumors of a new gang in Metropolis took Wyldfire north to the Ironworks district. There, they looked into the old Lincoln Industries complex; an abandoned facility and office that might be connected to the missing Trevor Finn.
The investigation only answered their questions with more questions!
Dusty offices and mysterious power generators connected to the sprinkler system suggest they may be on the right track. Battered parts from ruined automatons might also be a clue. But nothing had the trademark yellow AIM branding.
Now, while the team studies the remains of a giant plasma generator surrounded by burned moss, one question comes to mind: If this wasn’t made by the criminal organization AIM, then who made it?
And! Just where is the man they’re looking to rescue, Trevor Finn?
This isn’t shaping up to be a simple rescue mission, True Believers. Something sinister and strange is going on. Let’s check in on our heroes for what may be one of their more mind-bending cases yet!

This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




Wyldfire broke up the plans of Oscorp and the Society of Rao, but agreed to help a young woman and her brother out of a tight spot. Robin Finn, an Oscorp Field Technician, asked Wyldfire to help rescue her brother, Trevor, from the grip of AIM.
The criminal organization has been holding Trevor hostage to force Miss Finn to steal Oscorp secrets for them. To add further insult to injury, AIM has been forcing Trevor to help them. That way, they can use him as a scapegoat for their heists if Robin tried to turn on AIM.
Compared to corporate secret projects and fanatical extra-terrestrial terrorists, this seems simple on the surface. But AIM is always full of surprises.
All Wyldfire has to do is…
… using their wits, contacts, and other resources, track down the whereabouts of Trevor Finn.
A Little Sleuthing Later…
The team uncovers suspicious information…

  • A new gang of thieves are hitting shipments in the port at Riverside, the Suicide Slum district. Their latest theft? Experimental tech from LexCorp warehouses.
  • Unexplained patches of moss and soil are left behind at the Riverside thefts. The soil is a good match for the old Ironworks area north of Metropolis.
  • The moss turns out to be a mysterious hybrid plant, made from at least five other plants. One of which is the rare ghost orchid that grows around Vibora Bay.
  • It seems that AIM is discreetly looking to hire someone skilled at cultivating orchids.
  • Despite AIM’s quiet hiring effort, publicly, AIM is avoiding all of Metropolis!
  • Last, even though most of the factories in the area of the old Ironworks are abandoned and up for sale, one might not be so empty: the Lincoln Industries factory complex. Interestingly, that complex is in the area where local power brownouts have been taking place.

  • This sends them off with a promising place to check: the Lincoln Industries facilities.
    And Now!
    Wyldfire has uncovered plenty at the old factory. More of the unusual moss and plenty of ill-advised engineering!
    But there are questions to be answered!
    … is AIM responsible for this? The alterations and unusual tech lacks their yellow trademarks.
    …if not AIM, who is behind it?
    … since AIM has been implicating him in their crimes, what scheme is AIM plotting that needs to be undone? At the very least, exposed to show that Trevor is not the guilty party?



  • ShadowStar! Wyldfire's own resident technology specialist and hacker with a devious streak.
  • Dr. Beast! The jovial Dr. Henry Horatio Edward McCoy, mutant and scientific expert of bio-powers and genetics. A long time ally of Wyldfire.
  • Adversaries

  • Advanced Idea Mechanics! otherwise known as AIM! A nefarious criminal organization of like-minded inventors and engineers who practice leagally shaky and ill-advised science and engineering! For profit!
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