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Martin joined the Marines when he was 18 and is where he learned his fighting skills, overconfidence, patriotism, and vengefulness (if anyone threatens his family). He also earned a Medal of Honor and a Silver Star. He met his wife there and they both decided to quit the military after they had Amy. Amy stays with her aunt during school time and has a good relationship with her. She sometimes accompanies him on his truck runs during the summer months. His wife died from a car accident about three years after having Amy, though the person responsible was never caught.

Physical Description

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Amythyst, real name Martin Prinz - along with his daughter, Amy - is a refugee from another dimension. They were rescued from a dire situation by Silverwing and Thunderstrike during a "questionably authorized" ( as in entirely unauthorized ) experiments with quantum wormholes ( aka "stargates" ) as a means for rapid transport. Also, due to events involving Mr Sinister, detection of said stargates as well.


Fortunately, the two Wyldfire heroes managed to pull Martin and Amy to safety on their side of the stargate before a squad of attackers in black power armor overwhelmed Martin. But in the combat, the experimental stargate was damaged and the address lost. So far, Silverwing has had little success in locating said address again using a downgraded 'portal viewer'.


Until Silverwing can determine a way back home for the pair, Martin and Amy reside at the Gironde Institute. Martin works as a professional photographer for Phoenix Industries, but for the "special projects" team, he applies his skills as a former Marine ... and as a bearer of a Kryptonian Power Ring.


Works as a photographer for Phoenix Industries.


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