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Specter, Chapter 1: Ooze, Spice, and Things Not So Nice



Have you ever looked at the research park in a city? It is block after block of manicured lawns and professional buildings. Every inch a showplace and a who’s who of corporate organizations. Some are even known the world over!
But what if such a stylish and modern location hid a dark secret?
Right now, that is the very question Dr. Jean-Claude Gironde, the head of the super team Wyldfire, is asking himself. Trusted sources have sent word to him that one of those companies may be up to no good.
In New York, five recovered victims of the recent mutagenic ooze outbreak have gone missing. At the same time, Oscorp Labs has started a new project in ‘life enhancement’ not long after making supposed great strides in analyzing ooze samples from the New York incident.
Coincidence? It could be.
But that’s what Wyldfire intends to find out!

This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




Strange rumors send the Wyldfire team to investigate a modest and nondescript Oscorp Lab building on the southern edge of the Metropolis Research Park. Sources suggest Oscorp has some connection between five missing ooze victims in New York and a shadowy bio-genetic “special project” for “life enhancement”.
This is compounded by the fact that Oscorp is one of the companies studying the mutagenic ooze from the New York.
Wyldfire’s mission
  • slip into Oscorp, look for any sign of the missing five from New York
  • while there, check the lab’s database and samples to see if they are indeed connected to the violently mutagenic ooze from New York.
  • If the missing people are there, quietly free them and get them to safety.
  • If the company is operating a shadow project involving the ooze, now considered a toxic and controlled substance, get copies of the research to send to the authorities.
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