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Specter of Peace


Greetings True Believers and Newcomers alike!

On the heels of a mutagenic ooze afflicting Central Park in New York come dark rumors of bio-genetic research, corporate espionage, and “made to order” heroes!
Rumors in the wake of the Ooze outbreak have started to surface about a nefarious meta-enhancement project by Oscorp. Is this the source of the corporate enforcers with other worldly power armor? Meta-powered security forces in dark emerald armor and helmets guarding a lab south of Metropolis?
Worse, is the the reason why some of the ooze patients from New York have mysteriously gone missing?
Corporate skullduggery is afoot, True Believers! This looks like a case for the heroes of Wyldfire!

This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




  • Feral
  • Amythyst
  • Steven Reynolds
  • Don Blake

    with Special Guest

      Adel Urda-Na of Kandor on New Krypton!  


    The Orange Ooze Outbreak in New York has been the news topic for the past two weeks. This mysterious formula made by Dr. Killian, then altered by Dr. Overmind, shook the city with its sudden eruption of meta-powered mutants.
    It has also caught the attention of criminal organziations and certain corporations they have discreet dealings with.
    Chief among these has been Oscorp. Known for its bio-genetic research into “Life Enhancement” products. This company has long been suspected of running secret “super soldier” projects that have ties back to criminal organizations. Groups such as Hammer Empire, Card Shark, and more are a favorite choice among conspiracy theorists.
    Yet now, some of the victims from New York’s Ooze Outbreak have gone missing after being discharged from medical care. Rumors circulate that Oscorp, and a mysterious backer, may be responsible!
    All Wyldfire has to do is…
      … deduce the source of Oscorp’s sudden supply of ultra-high tech devices and meta-powered security are from nefarious sources?   … is Oscorp responsible for the missing victims? If so, where are they being kept?   … If Oscorp is actually operating a new “super solider” project, who is the secret buyer?

    Articles under Specter of Peace

    Specter, Chapter 1: Ooze, Spice, and Things Not So Nice
    Plot | Nov 13, 2021

    Anonymous reports and missing mutagen victims from New York draw the Wyldfire team into a corporate mystery with bio-genetic danger!

    Specter, Chapter 2: What Are Little Supers Made Of?
    Plot | Nov 13, 2021

    Having infiltrated the Oscorp lab building, Wyldfire has uncovered suspicious activity. From high tech armored guards to mysterious sub-basements, this may be a tough knot to unwind!

    Specter, Chapter 3: Appointment for a Rescue
    Plot | Nov 13, 2021

    Having slipped down past security, the Wyldfire team faces a tall challenge guarded by mysterious meta-powered guards that may be 'home grown' by the company!

    Specter, Chapter 4: How To Thwart Villains and Influence People
    Plot | Nov 13, 2021

    One kidnap victim freed along with a cornucopia of clues. Everything points to a nefarious chemistry and genetics with possibly a Kryptonian twist! Following the bio-genetic clues, Wyldfire must dive deeper into the tangled Oscorp web!

    Specter, Chapter 5: Heroing Hard with a Vengeance
    Plot | Jan 9, 2022

    Having tracked the data backups from the Oscorp Lab to a data center in Atlantic City, the team hopes to uncover the missing New Yorkers. But, to do so may put them at odds with the infamous CARD SHARK and his band of deadly thieves!

    Specter, Chapter 6: The Heroic and the Thwarted
    Plot | Apr 24, 2022

    Deep in the heat of the battle against forces from Oscorp Industries and the Society of Rao, Wyldfire must rescue one of the missing meta-humans held by Oscorp and the Society while fending off the brutal assault of the Card Shark Syndicate!

    Specter, Chapter 7: Heroing Hard on the High Seas
    Plot | Apr 24, 2022

    Having left Atlantic City with their SAFEGUARD allies, Wyldfire now must track down the next, and hopefully last, location the Oscorp research went. But they will have to grapple with more Oscorp Protectors, and the mysterious Society of Rao!

    Specter, Chapter 8: A Good Day to Hero Hard
    Plot | Apr 24, 2022

    Tracking down the missing data to an offshore Oscorp research platform, the heroes must contend with not only Oscorp security, but also Kryptonian criminals, secret laboratories and ill-advised science that may spell doom for the heroes!

    Specter, Chapter 9: Dire Villainy and the Deep Blue Sea
    Plot | Apr 24, 2022

    Now, deep below the ocean underneath the Oscorp Offshore Research Platform, our heroes uncover a dire trio of foes from the Society of Rao and Oscorp to AIM! But, they have to deal with a secret project unknown to everyone that may spell doom!

    Specter, Chapter 10: Live Free and Thwart Hard!
    Plot | Apr 28, 2022

    In the underwater base, our heroes must rescue the kidnapped victims but have to content with the triple threat of AIM commandos, Oscorp technicians and Kryptonian criminals… all the while dealing with a mysterious failsafe and a strange stargate!

    Specter, Chapter 11: Fate of Justice!
    Plot | Apr 28, 2022

    With the Society of Rao on the ropes but Oscorp going strong with AIM returning for a round 2, can our heroes rescue the kidnap victims and stop Oscorp and AIM's goals before it's too late?


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