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Specter, Chapter 2: What Are Little Supers Made Of?



Welcome back! From the looks of things, Wyldfire may have stumbled over something quite mysterious about that Oscorp Lab!
To get to the building but not raise suspicions, the team disguised the Gironde school’s bus as a blood drive “bloodmobile”. Unfortunately, they found the lab heavily guarded by both uniformed security and plain clothes enforcers.
This matched up with what Feral discovered during her initial scouting of the place the day before. Mysteriously heavy security, right down to voice print “password” locks on the main doors!
Naturally, the moment the bus arrived, it attracted all of Oscorp security’s attention. Even to the point of an enforcer on the roof using a long range “whisper mic” to try to eavesdrop on conversations in the bus!
I don’t know about you, True Believers, but that seems excessive for a simple corporate biology lab in a research park!
Wyldfire thought the same way. Feral remained out of sight while the others kept to their cover of medical staff there to provide vaccinations for the Oscorp employees. The ruse worked, getting them access to the building and a conference room to set up in for providing inoculations.
Meanwhile, once the coast was clear, Feral slipped out of the “bloodmobile” and then inside the building through a maintenance door. From there, she slipped into the access shafts for the elevators.
Only to discover, the building has one or two subbasements not documented with the city of Metropolis! She quickly told the rest of the team over her the Wyldfire comm gear.
At the same time, the others had been taking turns to find ways out of the conference room and survey at least a portion of the building. Problem was, they were escorted at every moment.
That is, until the employees came in to get vaccinated. Two groups into the vaccinations, it turned into a small amount of chaos processing everyone there. Taking this slim chance, Adel Urda-Na and Amythyst both slipped out of the conference room unnoticed.
Amythyst headed for the labs on the 4th floor, Adel for the 3rd floor. Feral? She steadily scaled her way down the elevator shaft toward the mysterious subbasements. Meanwhile, Don and Medkit kept security distracted in the conference room.
Despite security being triple what it should be and the existence of a mysterious sub-basement, everything was going smoothly.
Until Dr. Adel stumbled across a menacing figure clad in blue armor and a gold helmet patrolling the 3rd floor!
Can Dr. Adel find cover in time? Will the team locate the evidence that Oscop is up to no good? Or is this all just a misunderstanding?
Let’s check in and see what our heroes discover!

This is Not Stan Lee saying ...




Strange rumors send the Wyldfire team to investigate a modest and nondescript Oscorp Lab building on the southern edge of the Metropolis Research Park. Sources suggest Oscorp has some connection between five missing ooze victims in New York and a shadowy bio-genetic “special project” for “life enhancement”.
This is compounded by the fact that Oscorp is one of the companies studying the mutagenic ooze from the New York.
Wyldfire’s mission
  • slip into Oscorp, look for any sign of the missing five from New York
  • while there, check the lab’s database and samples to see if they are indeed connected to the violently mutagenic ooze from New York.
  • If the missing people are there, quietly free them and get them to safety.
  • If the company is operating a shadow project involving the ooze, now considered a toxic and controlled substance, get copies of the research to send to the authorities.

  • And Now!
    The team is scattered, searching multiple floors of the building at once. As such, Adel has already discovered something!
  • Has Dr. Adel been spotted? Does she have time to find cover?
  • Meanwhile, what about the sub-basement? Is this the real lab they are looking for?
  • Relations


  • Oscorp and its security? Or is there worse lying in wait?
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    A mysterious four story Oscorp Lab building on the southern side of the Metropolis Research Park!
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