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Specter, Chapter 3: Appointment for a Rescue



There's been some twists and turns, but it looks like Wyldfire has gotten to the bottom of what's happening at Oscorp... or have they?
Last time, our heroes were scattered across the Metropolis Oscorp Lab building. Amythyst had quietly taken the stairs to search the fourth floor. Dr. Adel searched the third. Feral descended into the depths of the elevator shaft toward a mysterious expanded basement area, not a part of the building's original blueprints! Medkit and Dr. Blake attempted to maintain the group's cover by continuing to administer vaccinations to Oscorp employees.
On the fourth floor, Amythyst discovered a lab where Oscorp was quietly distilling out of the ooze what the company believes is the actual chemical that causes the meta-power mutations. Dr. Adel found the location where Oscorp was studying the ooze and cataloging its component parts, all to see how they can adjust and alter it for their own use! Feral? She hit pay dirt! The basement seemed to house an advanced fabrication and research facility!
Yet, all of these areas are heavily guarded by mysterious figures in dark blue combat armor trimmed in dark yellow-gold plates. Full, dark yellow-gold, helmets obscured any facial features. These ominous figures lurked on the fourth, third and basement levels. Our heroes even overheard a comment that each of these Oscorp ‘Protectors’ possesses their own unique and dangerous meta-powers.
But! Wyldfire is known for their covert tactics! Keeping out of sight and to the shadows, our heroes managed to grab photos, copies of network access passwords, records of the research, and what may be the most unusual find... a Kryptonian Tri-Comm! This small, hand-held gadget is common among Kryptonian scientists for chemical and other data analysis. But here? In a non-Kryptonian location? 
This seems downright suspicious, True Believers! It also counts as definite proof that Oscorp is up to no good.
As if that wasn't enough, Medkit and Dr. Blake's cover attempts wore thin with Oscorp security. In a last ditch effort, each one faked a mutagenic viral outbreak! The ruse was good enough to get them taken to the high security lab in the basement. Where, once there, the entire team overpowered Oscorp security! 
After all, they felt they had no choice. For in the main room of the underground lab, aside from lab samples and reports, was one of the missing kidnap victims from New York! One of the ones who had survived the ooze mutation experience!
But the lab is heavily guarded. There is not one, but two of the meta-powered Oscorp Protectors with one member of Oscorp security that may be cybernetically enhanced, or simply in some form of power armor. 
The odds are looking mighty long, True Believers! Wyldfire has taken on any number of powerful opponents that think they operate above the law. But this might be the most dangerous, and strangest yet!

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Strange rumors send the Wyldfire team to investigate a modest and nondescript Oscorp Lab building on the southern edge of the Metropolis Research Park. Sources suggest Oscorp has some connection between five missing ooze victims in New York and a shadowy bio-genetic “special project” for “life enhancement”.
This is compounded by the fact that Oscorp is one of the companies studying the mutagenic ooze from the New York.
Wyldfire’s mission
  • slip into Oscorp, look for any sign of the missing five from New York
  • while there, check the lab’s database and samples to see if they are indeed connected to the violently mutagenic ooze from New York.
  • If the missing people are there, quietly free them and get them to safety.
  • If the company is operating a shadow project involving the ooze, now considered a toxic and controlled substance, get copies of the research to send to the authorities.

  • Once they arrived...
    The plan, to use a "Bloodmobile" and administering company sponsored vaccines to the employees, went off without a hitch. Medkit and Dr. Blake provided cover, while the others searched the building. In no time, the search turned up:
  • Oscorp is indeed using the mutagenic ooze samples from New York for some new, and possibly dangerous, 'enhancement' project.
  • Some results of this project may already be up and about! The building is guarded by not just Oscorp security in various forms, but also a collection of mysterious "Oscorp Protectors"!
  • Oscorp seems to have access to Kryptonian technology! Devices they are not supposed to have!
  • And last... and most important... they have one of the missing kidnap victims from New York!
  • And Now!
    The team has slipped down into the underground, high-tech lab beneath the Oscorp building where the one of the missing people is being kept. For now, Oscorp is none the wiser that Wyldfire has penetrated their defenses that deep into the lab!
    Their goals here are difficult, but simple. They must...
  • evade the lab's multiple sensors and security systems and not alert the rest of the building's security... such as the other Oscorp Protectors!
  • open the secure, vault-like lab doors without alarming the Oscorp employees already inside.
  • and most important... free the kidnap victim, then escort them and the evidence of Oscorp's illicit activities out to turn over to the authorities!
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  • Oscorp and its security? Or is there worse lying in wait?
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    A mysterious four story Oscorp Lab building on the southern side of the Metropolis Research Park!
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