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Specter, Chapter 2: What Are Little Supers Made Of? Report

Oscorp Labs Investigation

General Summary

        SUBJECT: WYLDFIRE Team investigating Metropolis Oscorp Labs
    Supplemental Update
    Related Project Classification: Justice League Initiative


S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. Field Report, Agent EL

To their credit, the Wyldfire team has not set the Metropolis Oscorp Lab on fire. It was only the trash compactor.
Agent Vi infiltrated the third floor, following in the path blazed by Dr. Adel Urda-Na. There, the doctor had cracked the security on a lab administrator's laptop. It was not access to the full Oscorp network, but the information found is a critical clue to determining the company's current plans.
Dr. Adel uncovered that Oscorp's help with the New York incident is not entirely altruistic. Some New York ooze samples are being analyzed by the third floor labs for reverse mutagenic treatments. But a small percentage are being kept for the company’s own use under a project named “Project Protector”. Researchers on that floor are working to uncover the exact method that allows the ooze to mutate a victim, and how to customize that reaction.
Besides the research, Dr. Adel also uncovered Oscorp's use of Kryptonian technology. This is alarming as Kryptonian chemical and medical technology is no more public knowledge than 'Krypton' or its counterpart world of 'New Krypton'. Agent Vi is convinced that Dr. Adel has taken one of the devices, a Kryptonian chemical analyzer.
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The orange gel ooze.
Mutagenic source of the problem...
During her investigation, Dr. Adel also encountered Oscorp's "ultra" security tier. This highly secretive set of individuals may actually be the successful products of Project Protector. One guarded that floor and the fourth floor as well. 
Soft-spoken, dressed in what appeared to be blue and gold microscale armor, they are an ominous sight. They kept their identities obscured by a fully enclosed dark yellow-gold helmet. If this is similar to the previous Oscorp meta-serum projects, the armor also will be a containment suit and meta-power enhancer.
Fortunately, Dr. Adel avoided any contact with the Oscorp Protector or any of Oscorp's security or technicians not on the first floor.
A similar situation played out on the fourth floor, including avoiding Oscorp security, technicians, and an Oscorp Protector. I shadowed Wyldfire team member Amythyst as he worked through the fourth floor. Unlike Dr. Adel, he only captured images of what could be key elements of Oscorp's network setup on site in Metropolis. Any physical samples he left in place. Like Amythyst, I also collected images of the network configuration and lab reports. 
The network information would be useful, but the lab reports were startling. I've no doubt the Wyldfire team came to the same conclusion. On the fourth floor, Oscorp is researching a process to distill the ooze and extract a 'pure' form of the mutagen for Project Protector. 
Amythyst returned downstairs to regroup with the rest of Wyldfire. I signaled Agent Vi to meet me on the second floor. Before we could, a series of unfortunate events played out on the first floor and at the rear of the building. This provided a smokescreen of chaos, allowing the Wyldfire team a unique chance to access the rest of the building. Specifically the underground lab where Feral had already positioned herself.
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Vault door in company basement.
Are they keeping something out? or in?
A mysterious event caused all the vehicles around the Oscorp Lab and bordering parking lots to shake, which activated their car alarms. Our current estimate is that one of the Wyldfire teams is responsible. 
Almost at the same time, a minor explosion and fire detonated in the corporate trash compactor at the rear of the building. Again, Wyldfire is likely responsible. It could have been Dr. Adel who was the last to leave the upper floors before the explosion.
In the ensuing chaos, first Dr. Blake, then Medkit each used the ruse of a mutagenic contagion outbreak to further rattle Oscorp security. This caused Oscorp security to take them to a quarantine zone in the restricted zone of the company, the basement. The Wyldfire team overpowered Oscorp security forces into the first chamber of the underground lab. 
This chaos has also allowed both Agent Vi and myself a brief opportunity to transmit our own findings back to SAFEGUARD. We will continue to shadow Wyldfire and report the events as they unfold.
Further reports are forthcoming as the situation unfolds.
Specter of Peace
Player Journals
Let's not be Fred. by Feral
The Shadow Knows? by Adel Urda-Na
Report Date
15 Oct 2021
Primary Location


Author's Notes

'Oscorp' is owned by Marvel Entertainment and therefore Disney, Inc. No ownership of the name is intended or implied. The 'Oscorp' used here is simply a fan fiction reuse of the name.

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