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Paragon Networks Limited

Paragon Networks Limited is the brainchild of reclusive inventor Bartholomew Price and his business partner Anastasia Shen. A new company in the growing tech and data-center market, it is one of the fastest growing data-center and storage companies in the United States tech sector. It’s considered a contemporary of Wayne Enterprises, Stark Enterprises, or LexCorp but smaller, with a leaner size more in tune with a startup company.
Founded in 2004, it specializes in secure data transfer, storage, security, and next-generation cyber-security for networks. Currently, Paragon has data centers located only in the United States’ cities of Vibora Bay, Gotham City, Metropolis, and their headquarters in Atlantic City.

Taking the Tech Road Less Traveled

What sets Paragon Networks apart from other data center companies is their unique approach to cyber-security encryption. The founder and inventor, Bartholomew Price, developed a technique using a variation of the original blockchain theory created in 1991 and the sounds produced by algae during photosynthesis.
Algae are a rather chatty bunch once you get them going!
— Bartholomew Price

The Secret is in the Goo Sauce

This patented technique decentralizes the data stored into blocks that are strung together. Then random numbers generated by recording and translating the sounds marine algae make during photosynthesis into a stream of bits. This becomes the seed for the data encryption. The algae sounds are unique combinations that never repeat in the same sequence, so it becomes a perfect, and natural, source for random data.
To date, Paragon has withstood many cyber-security assaults from all quarters. Hammer Empire, AIM, and others that are infamous for their technological prowess have yet to crack their security through digital means.

Naturally Stark Enterprises, Wayne Enterprises, and LexCorp are owned by Marvel and DC comics respectively. The version referenced here are not what is used in the comics. But they certainly are the inspiration!

For some background information, see the Author's Notes below!

Paragon Networks Logo by CB Ash
"Building Better Cyberworlds"
Founding Date
Corporation, Business
Alternative Names

Paragon Networks, Paragon Networks Ltd

CEO and Founder
Bartholomew Price


Author's Notes

Ok, yes, this is a superhero setting so the science is over-the-top fun. But! There is some real world science here, True Believers!
- See Natural Random Numbers by David K. Gifford about sound generating natural random numbers.
- For algae, yes it does make sound! Here's a light take on Algae making sound.
- As for blockchain? Oh yes, it has been around far longer than Bitcoin! It was first theorized in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta, if you want the technical details, go here!
‘Nuff Said!

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