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Specter, Chapter 3: Appointment for a Rescue Report

Oscorp Labs Investigation

General Summary

SUBJECT: WYLDFIRE Team investigating Metropolis Oscorp Labs
Supplemental Update
Related Project Classification: Justice League Initiative


S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. Field Report, Agent EL

The chaos of the Wyldfire distractions gave our team the opportunity to establish a link to a deactivated backup security system attached to the secure basement area. Oscorp security had doubled upstairs, which prevented us from assisting Wyldfire directly. But we were able to keep tabs on their effort below in case they needed backup.
Dr. Adel was the last to arrive downstairs before the team went into action. They debated over how to get the lab vault door open. Granted, Amythyst was capable of ripping the vault door off its frame, but the team took a quieter approach.
Using the art of disguise, Dr. Blake dressed as one of Oscorp’s black suited Enforcers. Medkit and Dr. Adel were scientists coming on shift. Amythyst played the part of the ‘corporate volunteer’. Meanwhile, Feral used one of the air vents into the main lab as her way inside.
Once inside, even the Oscorp Protectors bought the ruse for a time. It was at least long enough for the Wyldfire team to get into position. While Medkit went through the motions of having Amythyst scanned in his human form, Dr. Adel, Feral, and Dr. Blake set out to sabotage the lab.
It also revealed what had drawn the team to Oscorp. After all, with samples and copies of the lab reports, that would have been enough to hand to the authorities. But it would not have liberated one of the recent meta-powered kidnap victims from New York. It was obvious now, Wyldfire shares our mission goal.
Oscorp had one of the five missing meta-powered people from New York stashed at the back of the lab. But why? The tank looked like a sensory deprivation tank. Leads from the victim’s bodysuit and helmet left their tank and continued to the large tank of unknown polymer liquid in the middle of the room.
We were about to head down to support Wyldfire’s plan when suddenly something went wrong. One of the Oscorp Protectors saw through at least some of the ruse and attacked. The second one followed suit along with an Oscorp ‘cyber-cryonic’ Enforcer. There was no option for Wyldfire but to retaliate.
Amythyst transformed into his crystal rock armor, and the battle exploded in the lab. The next few seconds were a blur. Feral and Dr. Blake engaged Protectors. Amythyst tied up the Cyber-Cryonic Enforcer. MedKit interfered with the lone Oscorp field tech that attempted to ambush Wyldfire, fouling the attempt.
Fortunately, the other two field techs remained out of the fight. One fled the scene, heading for the upper floors. The second, in a surprising twist, worked with the Wyldfire team after speaking with Dr. Adel. We do not know what deal they struck, but the results can’t be denied.
Wyldfire had copies of the test results, samples of what may be a new type of ‘polymer’ based android that can be grafted with meta powers, and one of the missing mutate kidnap victims from New York. They made their escape after Feral left evidence to implicate the MATRIX team as the culprits behind the break-in.
Using the disruption caused by Wyldfire, I planted a micro-tracer on Wyldfire’s bus before they emerged from the basement-lab. Agent Vi ensured Oscorp’s security teams remained occupied with delayed alerts from the basement break-in once the team returned to the bus and departed.
As Wyldfire is also on the trail of the missing mutates from New York, Agent Vi and I will continue to track the hero team’s movement and lend support as needed.
Specter of Peace
Player Journals
Mission Success? by Adel Urda-Na
I'm not a lab 'accident', I'm a lab 'intentional' by Feral
Report Date
30 Oct 2021
Primary Location


Author's Notes

'Oscorp' is owned by Marvel Entertainment and therefore Disney, Inc. No ownership of the name is intended or implied. The 'Oscorp' used here is simply a fan fiction reuse of the name.

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