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Specter, Chapter 4: How To Thwart Villains and Influence People Report

Oscorp Labs Investigation

General Summary

SUBJECT: WYLDFIRE Team investigating Paragon Networks Data Center
Related Project Classification: Justice League Initiative


S.A.F.E.G.U.A.R.D. Field Report, Agent EL

Wyldfire's plan to shift the blame worked. The Metropolis police noticed some of the disturbance, but Oscorp officials smoothed that over. SAFEGUARD sources inside Oscorp confirmed that the company has taken the bait and blamed M.A.T.R.I.X. for the incident in the basement lab. Hostility between Oscorp and the MATRIX corporation has risen four notches.
But, based on the tracker and other sources, we know the Wyldfire team has only just started tracking down the missing kidnap victims. True to form, SAFEGUARD has sent down orders we should only assist when necessary. But under no circumstance were we to give away SAFEGUARD’s involvement to Oscorp or similar organizations.
Observers noted it took two days before Wyldfire could process through the information they recovered. Most of this was with the help of Dr. Henry Horatio Edward McCoy, a long-time ally of the team. The current SAFEGUARD assumption is that Wyldfire's own resident IT-specialist, ShadowStar, took charge of that research.
Atlantic City cover
Atlantic City!
A hotbed of super criminal activity...
We aren't certain, but we believe they arrived at the same conclusion that both Agent Vi and I did. Oscorp was funneling data through a data center in Atlantic City. One owned by Paragon Networks Ltd. We packed for Atlantic City to stake out the data center.
Our patience paid off. Wyldfire arrived late in the day after we were set up. True to method, they were in disguise. It took some digging to discover that they were using the guise of a 'medical imaging company looking for a new data center'. Good cover! The false company background was sound enough to survive some scrutiny. ShadowStar had done good work.
But their first disguise was doctors giving vaccines and now a medical company. I wondered if Wyldfire has noticed the 'medical' theme here. It was a thin thread, but if anyone noticed ... it might be a problem. Hopefully, they've recognized this.
Paragon Networks Building.webp
Dreamstime Stock Photo
Paragon Networks,
unsuspecting victim of a potential heist!
So far, their disguises have worked. The team gained access to Paragon Networks’ data center and seemed to have gained a tour of the facility. Ideal! This lets them get a lay of the building and if there are any clues to the missing kidnap victims. Oscorp may have funneled those missing people through here, so there might be a hint to where they wound up.
But there’s a sign that something may be about to go sideways. A group of figures arrived, then split up into suspicious groups of two. Those smaller groups headed out to surround the data center in what Agent Vi and I could only describe as staking out the building.
It didn’t take us long to realize it was a team from the Card Shark organization! What Card Shark wanted with the data center was anyone’s guess. But there was no mistake. Card Shark is running a heist at the same moment Wyldfire is inside!
Agent Vi and I broke stake out to head in. With luck, we hoped to contact one or more members of Wyldfire to lend a hand.
Specter of Peace
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Report Date
08 Nov 2021


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