Tales of justice Specter of Peace: a Wyldfire Adventure

Specter of Peace: a Wyldfire Adventure

Criminal Activity


Wyldfire Adventures  

This Special Project starts in Metropolis, Pennsylvania, but leads us ever eastward. We will encounter unanticipated allies and deadly opponents.

On October 1st, 2009, in New York City, several citizens were extremely publicly afflicted by a mutagenic orange ooze. A local supergroup stepped in to save the day! Unfortunately, so did some organization less compassionate: at least five patients vanished right after their initial discharge from the emergency treatment center.

Over the subsequent two weeks, rumors in the wake of the Ooze outbreak have started to surface about a nefarious meta-enhancement project by Oscorp Industries. Wyldfire collects a strong enough suspicion of the Oscorp tech development laboratory here in Metropolis to warrant some heroic corporate espionage.

  • Is the true source for Oscorp’s sudden supply of ultra-high tech devices and meta-powered security related to the Ooze outbreak, and particularly to those missing people?
  • Did Oscorp take the missing victims? If so, where are they being kept?
  • Is Oscorp actually operating a new “super soldier” project?
  •   and if so  
  • What person or organization hired Oscorp to conduct this twisted science?
Wyldfire must
collect evidence or arrange for it to be available to legitimate law enforcement,
and take action if lives are in immediate danger,
all without revealing our own involvement. As much as possible, the adversaries must not be motivated to come seeking us out!

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