Kryptonian Power Ring

{Dex: 6, Str: 8, Body: 6, Int: 9, Skin Armor: 3 (This is normally a crystalline like suit that encases the wearer, much like a suit of body armor.), Energy Absorption: 4, Power Reserve: 4 (This power only fuels the following other powers: Sealed Systems, Lightning, Sonic Beam and Skin Armor.), Lightning: 4, Sealed Systems: 5 (This is a protective energy field, preventing against environments that cannot support the wearer. A similar field may be placed around others in time of emergency.), Sonic Beam: 4 (The ring, through mental command of the wearer, is able to generate a beam of concentrated sonic vibrations that resonate at the particular frequency such that it can cause some damage to a particular target.), Life Sense: 10, R#: 2}


Power Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Energy Absorption: Power Restriction, Absorbed Energy Adds to Power Reserve, 1/2 APs EV to be able to absorb sonic energy
  • Power Reserve: Must Be Fueled by Energy Absorption, Stats Powered by Reserve: 4
  • Lightning: Power Restriction, Power will not function if ring or wearer is submerged in water and the ring cannot damage itself or affect other Kryptonian rings with this power.
  • Sealed Systems: Usable on Others
  • Sonic Beam: Power Restriction, Limitation: The ring cannot damage itself or affect other Kryptonian rings with this power
  • Life Sense: Power Restriction, Can only sense intelligent life forms wearing a Kryptonian Power Ring. Cannot detect life in any other way.



    • Scholar (Kryptonian Language)
    • Scholar (Kryptonian History)
    • Area Knowledge: Planet (Krypton)


    • Strange Appearance
      (When the ring is active, the crystalline suit looks to be of alien origin, as it is technically a variant on a Kryptonian Battle Suit.)
    • Loss Vulnerability
      (focused UV light from a medium to high power black light; Range of 0 APs; All Powers)
      The ring will begin to shut down one power at a time until fully dormant when bathed filtered UV light, such as from a medium or high power black light.
      Examples: Tanning bed (low to medium), germicidal UV light (high power)
    • Loss Vulnerability
      (X-Ray Ionization Energy; Range of 0 APs; AllPowers)
      The ring will begin to shut down one power at a time until fully dormant when irradiated with focused x-rays, such as produced from X-ray radiography or intense solar flares.

    Description: This is a plain gold ring, set with a stone that is an artificially grown kryptonian crystal that is purple in color. The symbol on the ring is the kryptonian symbol for Rao, the life giver (


    When worn, the ring's intent is to allow a Kryptonian the ability to fashion a crystalline 'suit' of protective armor around themselves for a short amount of time. However, when the ring is used by a non-Kryptonian, suit aggressively takes over the wearer, converting them into a crystalline humanoid alien due to the DNA difference.


    The ring's Int score represents the bank of encrypted knowledge locked away in the ring, it does not represent an aritificial intelligence.


    For a wearer to access the information in the ring, they must make an INT/WILL check vs the ring's INT/INT to represent sifting through terabytes and terabytes of data.

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