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Plot points/Scenes

I. It's all in the name of science. Weird Science.
_ A. Adventure Log: Exposition available before start of adventure
_ B. Getting There
_ C. Inside the Conference Halls
__ 1 - 4: first set of Player Secrets
__ 5. early encounters among drivers/bodyguards near garage
__ 6. early impressions/interactions on show floor
__ 7. early impressions by the 2 doctors on the current talks and on the audience
_ D. Keynote Speaker begins
_ E. Alarm
__ 1. Conference Attendees move to Ballroom while convention staff verify/debunk problem
__ 2. Superspeedster discreetly checks around
__ 3. Drivers react to security evacuation
_ F. The Real Keynote Speech


II. Welcome to Murder World!
_ A. Adventure Log: sets the scene at start of session
_ B. Getting Warmed Up
__ 1. Get the mercenary guards under control
__ 2. Get the "Drivers" (most of whom are mercenaries/antiheroes/thugs) all working toward common survival
__ 3. Put the noncombatants to work on moving to a more secure location and setting up shelter, arranging survival supplies
__ 4. Where are we really?


III. The Greatest Game
_ A. Event in Progress
__ 1. Run, Silverwing, Run!
__ 2. Meet some Contestants
__ 3. Cast Members
_ B. Relocate and Debrief


IV. The High Seas
_ A. Adventure Log: the situation is dire
_ B. Meanwhile, in the Backstage Areas
_ C. Wyldfire heads off to climb inside a "volcano"
_ E. The secret of Murder World
__ 1. Engine area
__ 2. Cast Member work areas
__ 3. The Arena
__ 4. VIP Area



Standard Award = 55 HP

Level of opposition: Ran + Carcharo + Murder World medium villains = Superior
Area of Consequence: Worldwide
Severity: Fatal (Arcade would eventually run adventures where the Contestants kill Targets)

Award Categories

  • Participation
  • Role-Playing
  • Saving Innocent Bystanders (who blundered into the adventure by mistake)
  • Thwarting the Villain
  • Subplots: Rescue Mirabelle Sinjin
  • Miscellaneous
  • Subplots: Life Before Don Blake
  • Subplots: Hero Of Metropolis

Everyone gets (55 x 4 = 220) Hero Points for this adventure.


Not awarded:

  • Subplots: The Orion Club
  • Subplots: Why wasn't anyone from Phoenix Industries invited?
  • Subplots: Who Built This Place?




Convention attendees/hostages/kidnap victims:
  • John Evans, MD
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • Had a cousin named Jack who disappeared a few years back while on a DWB trip. Now part of the CCC crowd.
  • Bitsy Klein, Convention Organizer
  • Doug Miller, Palmer Tech Representative
  • Doug Miller is the head of Applied Sciences for Palmer Technologies.
  • He is not an engineer. He is not a scientist. He is a Public Relations flack. He looks like he is ready to invent a laser gun out of coconuts, using sheer determination and motivational speech to make it happen.
Murder World "prey" residents:
  • Smear:
  • Gerd Frank, older Danish woman who does not speak English
  • Carsten Frank, teenage son of Gerd
  • They can separately create blurry effects in air in a 3 AP dome as if the air is lightly smeared with petroleum jelly (-2 CS to AV), or can work together to cover a 6 AP area with a more intense distortion (-5 CS to AV). This does not actually STOP or DEFLECT an energy beam, but might bend it or diffuse it.
  • Gerd has heard the myths of Ran from her grandparents but remembers very little in the way of details. Gerd has been a gardener since she was young and has mostly organized the few herbs and crops that the "prey" harvest from the jungle or grow for their own survival purposes.
  • Carsten speaks English better than his mom. Their native language is Danish.
  • Arcade bills Carsten as "Smear" and does not advertise Gerd on the posters.
  • Mirabelle Sinjin
  • Gray catgirl, college student, daughter of Tafey Anne Sinjin-Gironde who disappeared February 5th, 2006.
  • Kidnapped by Catastrophe on contract. Lex Luthor meant to wind up with her but Simon Kincaid instead did a quick auction of her and some other meta prisoners. Arcade picked her up to be one of his jungle-themed attractions. He did not expect the daughter of a biochemist to be trained by Vigilante in dirty fighting. She has been careful to appear like a soft target and use lots of traps and environmental hazards to prevent "contestants" from ever getting near her, without drawing attention to how hard she is to find.
  • Arcade bills her as "The Panther".
  • Jaqstones
  • Comanche
  • Shades
  • Callisto
  • Mazikeen
  Contestants on Murder World who were talked into assisting:
  • Vicious
  • She has throwing knives and a high Dex and less of a fear instinct than Parker. She may recognize Thunderstrike as a biker gang dude who got arrested and never turned back up. That should be surprising for everybody.
  • http://www.writeups.org/vicious-dc-comics-birds-prey/#stats
  • Killer Croc
  • If he does badly enough, Arcade plans to conscript him as a future target.
  • He is, indeed, doing very badly. His point limit is the lowest of all current contestants.
  • He is desperate to win the prize money because he wants to buy a dilapidated old manor house and grounds in the bayou north of Vibora Bay and convert the whole thing into a conclave for some nearly-homeless people he fell in with. He wants to get them out of Gotham City, out of the reach of the Bat, out of the northeastern U.S. area entirely -- he thinks they'll do well if they have milder seasons, no need to move around or worry about attackers, and a renovation project to give them some self-worth.
  • He will cheerfully talk about eating people. He is not, in fact, a cannibal. He is playing to the stereotypes about himself to keep trouble at a respectful distance. He will not expect the heroes to see through it, or treat him decently.


  • The Astrologer and his Zodiac minions
  • See darkc_animated page 39.
  • In our version, he's a gadget-blaster. He has a staff that does stuff. He used to be a toymaker, so traps and stuff should be a good option.
  • He also has goons wearing black bodysuits with stars on them, named after the astrological signs, with the sign on the chest in silver.
  • Freon




  1. (briefly) Avon Old Farms Hotel and Twin Spruce Motel are overnight stay locations for the team
  2. the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT
  3. artificial island "Murder World" Resort and Adventure Park for Villains of Leisure

Environmental Clues on Murder World

At some point (in daytime), a couple of the civilians will get a good look at the surrounding foliage. One gets very excited. The other gets very upset. This island should not exist! Really!
Plants include:
  • Pisonia Grandis, sometimes known as "the grand devil's-claws" has edible leaves.
  • Erythrina variegata, "Coral Tree," with the red flower clusters. The bark and seeds have narcotic properties. Leaves and bark contain a poison called erythrinine
  • "Cynometra ramiflora," an evergreen tree, is not edible but its wood makes good fuel. Very little will grow directly under it.
  • Guamia mariannae, also known as "Guamia", is a very definite clue that this island belongs in the Marianas Islands archipelago. Which is definitely not where it is. It's evergreen, and its fruit are eaten by birds and bats, but the only use people will have for it is "HEY WTF".
  • Pinus virginiana, scrub pine, should not be growing here at all. If it is, it ought to be crowding out the plants native to the tropical dry forest. Instead, it's growing mostly on the three southern peninsulas, especially the center one which has rolling hills and a lot of wind exposure that messes up the soil quality. It appears near the shores of the outer peninsulas, but not much inland.
If for some reason the civilians do not get a chance to discover any of this -- all of it a clue that the island was constructed from parts, and moves around, and has undergone some kind of enhanced growth cycle -- then Mirabelle doesn't know the names of plants but can point out a few useful ones from her year and a half of experience.
Plot inspired by, in homage to, and borrowing some elements from Demon's in the Details by Chris Dee, originally published in 2009.
No infringement is intended or implied.

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