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Dwayne Geyer is always invisible in light. He is also blind in light. He has Ultravision in the dark. He used to work for a chemical plant who rejected him for disability and medical coverage because no doctor can see him. Ha ha, so much ha. He has learned how to extend his Invisibility to hide others, but it's Fatiguing.
Maybe a villain this week, maybe a lowkey hero next week, Geist is a mercenary by dint of just trying to survive. He is a faithful, dues-paying member of the Henchmen's Union. He uses the Text-to-Speech app on his phone to read the newsletters and participate in the forums. He would like to be a hero but he's constantly scrambling to make ends meet, often couch-surfing with one of the Henches between risky jobs. Complicating matters, he (like many members of the Henchmen's Union) accepts as proven the idea that official "heroes" have some sort of government license or dispensation to act without getting arrested.
He is usually teamed with Mongrel and Sunder. They call their team "the Blood Pack". His role in a typical fight is going to be 1) sneak up and try to steal the heroes' Important Items; 2) hide anybody on his team who gets hit with Knockback, assuming he knows where they are, so they can spend one round getting back on their feet and finding a better position.
He recognizes that former Blood Pack member Marrow is going to be aggressively hostile the next time they encounter one another. Right now he has to hope that will not happen for years ... but he is on the lookout for means to increase the odds in his favor when the inevitable fight happens.

Personality Characteristics


Recover from poverty. Support the community. Harass social predators.


Dwayne keeps himself scrupulously clean but he perpetually has a few millimeters of facial hair because shaving proved complicated, so he uses a beard trimmer with a small guard.
Original DC Comics character, no infringement intended or implied,
adapted from the Writeups dot Org writeup.
Thanks, Philip John Mason!
Story-Relevant Numbers:
  • Init: 018
  • Invisibility: 08
  • Ultravision: 08
  • Stealth: 05
  • GOGGLES: {BODY: 02, Shade: 06}

Quick Facts:
Year of Birth
1984 26 Years old
Current Residence
a buddy's couch in Gotham City
all blue and reflective, no whites, tiny pupils
wild, blond, clean but not styled because he cannot see himself
175 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
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