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Big (seven feet plus) bald guy with hunched posture.

Mark Hallett

Mark Hallett is a bit of a mystery. He has given his real name a few times without any sign of bashfulness or worry, but he stares down any attempt to dig up his life story. He has some physical deformities which suggest that he might have been in some kind of disaster, maybe a building collapse or a complicated car accident. He obviously used to live well, eating a nutritious and satisfying diet, for his body to have once been well-formed and broad-shouldered, but it has been at least two decades since he appeared in the Metropolis Underground with a permanent hunch in his back and his sloped shoulders at visibly different levels.
He is still very strong, and very tough.
Mark also tends to form few social connections, but when he does latch onto a relationship, he is unshakably loyal. Right now, he hangs around with Mongrel and Geist who he met through the Henchmen's Union. As a group within a group, they call themselves "the Blood Pack", which is some kind of running joke that Sunder never caught. Marrow is not around any more, ever since the Murder World job in early August 2009.
Whatever happened to him, Sunder abruptly becomes visibly anxious if he spends more than a couple of hours in open spaces. No one is sure if he's agoraphobic or if it's sunlight that bothers him. Given that he starts ripping random objects apart when he is anxious, no one is particularly inclined to test the possibilities.
Marvel Comics character from way back in 1983. No infringement is intended or implied.
Thanks to Writeups dot Org for a character sheet we could use with only an adaptation to his history!
Story-Relevant Numbers:
  • Initiative: 011
  • Str: 14
  • Body: 10
  • Martial Arts: 06
  • Super-Breathing: 04
  • Systemic Antidote: 04

Quick Facts:
Year of Birth
1961 49 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
245 lbs
Aligned Organization
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