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Bio-Investigations Limited

Primary Operations: Biological research HQ Location: Cambridge, England Operations: international Worth: $27billion Notable members: Dr. Shiela Radcliffe, CEO; Andrew Crane, major stockholder; George Flemish, Corporate Security Chief
  Current Projects: Note: All projects circulate information between heads, to maximize results and minimize duplication
  Project: Merlin Medical study of paranormals Headed by Dr. Helena Amory
  Project: Knight Licensed “Super Soldier” project Headed by Dr. Bill Darwin
  Project: Medusa Researches draining of superpowers from metahumans who are dangerous, criminal, or simply do not want to have their abilities. Headed by Dr. David Burke
  Project: Doppelganger Designed to detect paranormal abilities in people. Funded by several professional sports franchises. Headed by Dr. Francine West
  Project: Lifeform Low-cost to no-cost medical clinics built in poor areas around the world, they specialize in care for metahumans. They offer free “check-ups” to all comers, and work with patients to provide medical treatment beyond the most basic. They are very clear about their sponsorship, and that all medical information gathered will be pooled to concurrent/future projects to treat metahuman health issues. Many patients pay back their medical bills through service rather than financial consideration.
  Previous projects (some research will turn this up): Project: Book of Man An in-depth study into mapping the human genetic code, with emphasis on why some variations result in metahuman traits while extraordinarily similar others become standard birth defects or variations. Headed by Dr. Timothy Blank
  Dr. Blank was fired, and the project abruptly defunded, under allegations of unscrupulous behavior. Some claimed that Dr. Blank had acquired large amounts of his data from a competitor, and was paying that competitor back by feeding Bio-Investigations’ findings back into the competitor’s databanks. Dr. Blank allegedly joined COBRA immediately upon dismissal.

Public Agenda

Bio-Investigations Limited wants to be the premiere name in curing serious maladies that face the metahuman world.
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