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Maybe a villain this week, maybe a lowkey hero next week, Mongrel is a mercenary by dint of just trying to survive.
He has a union membership with the Henchmen's Union. He usually is teamed with Geist and Sunder, billing themselves as a henchman squad trio called "the Blood Pack". He recognizes that Marrow is probably really worked up about getting tossed from the team ... but, c'mon, she was getting all tortury and unprofessional on the Murder World job. She could have stopped. When she didn't, the team had to make the hard choice. That's the long and the short of it!

Personality Characteristics


Josh Xan Bailey is mad about a lot of things, some of them mutually contradictory:
  1. having been born and spent the first few years of his life in Cambodia
  2. having grown up in Chicago
  3. being the child of multiple ethnicities
  4. racists who say it's bad to have a child with multiple ethnicities
  5. having to live for a year and a half with his racist, abusive uncle
  6. his racist, abusive uncle threw him out of the house at fifteen
  7. street gangs in his neighborhood preyed on at-risk kids
  8. he was an at-risk kid
  9. the street gangs particularly went after him for not being 100% the same race as themselves
  10. street gangs definitely do bad guy stuff
  11. as a member of a street gang, he was targeted by the Gang Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department
  12. the Freakshow invited him to join up
  13. the Freakshow demanded that he volunteer to replace his legs with cybernetic gadgets
  14. the Freakshow rejected him for membership when he refused
  15. since he was rejected for membership, the Freakshow did not help him acquire a Sweet Bike
  16. he hates the weather in Chicago
  17. he misses Chicago
  18. To qualify for membership in the Thieves Society you have to have a sponsor. Which means impressing someone enough that they will bet their own reputation as professional criminals on you becoming an asset to the Society. Nobody knew enough about Josh Xan to be impressed.
  19. It turns out to take a LOT to impress a Theme Criminal in Gotham City or Blüdhaven.
  20. While trying to hustle up bus fare to the Tri-Cities, Josh Xan lost most of his remaining money to Comanche. Who gently suggested that a lot of people earn their way into the Thieves Society by working a few years in the Henchmen's Union
  21. the union rep who signed him into the Henchmen's Union kept dropping the "Xan" part of his name and calling him "Josh"
  22. the union rep who signed him into the Henchmen's Union told him that "Mongrel" was a racist slur and he should not use it
  23. the union rep who signed him into the Henchmen's Union refused to even try to spell any word in Khmer
  24. the union rep who signed him into the Henchmen's Union did not tell Josh Xan that he had in fact filed the paperwork with "Mongrel" as the handle despite telling Josh Xan that it was unacceptable
  25. Josh Xan kept getting skipped over for Henchmen's Union jobs in his first few months because he still owed dues
  26. Josh Xan could not pay up what he owed in dues because he could not get work
  27. when making a living as a mugger in Gotham City it is worth your life to go after a cute little blonde and a statuesque redhead who recently stumbled out of a bar
  28. no one forewarned Josh Xan Bailey of this fact of Gotham After Dark life
  29. Mongrel spent two months as an involuntary, "greened" henchman for Poison Ivy
  30. when Ivy lost a Bat encounter, leaving her henchmen alone long enough to detox, the Henchmen's Union rep said that time period counted as "henchman work" and tried to collect a percentage of Ivy's known profits during the period
  31. stealing money from the Theme Criminal for whom one henches is officially grounds for losing one's membership in the Henchmen's Union
  32. so is punching out a union rep
Fortunately for Josh Xan, Dwayne Geyer was at Noonan's Bar at the time to check in with the same union rep, and getting pretty mad about how Ivy's victims were getting hoodwinked. Geist stepped in to report the fraudulent behavior of the union rep to a more senior officer in the union, getting the jerk thrown out and several members' accounts credited back to them. In the process, Dwayne and Josh Xan became fairly good friends. They banded together with Sarah so that they could try out for more lucrative henchman gigs as a team, which eventually led them to Sunder.
These days, beyond doing things because he's an angry teenage boy, Josh Xan acts to pay his bills and to support his team. He still has a nebulous goal of qualifying directly for Thieves Society membership, rather than association through the Henchmen's Union, and he thinks maybe he would someday like for the team to move to a warmer city like Vibora Bay. Or maybe go up to Toronto. Josh Xan mostly knows that some other city somewhere has got to be a friendlier place to live than where he has already been.



In typical angry-teen fashion, Mongrel tends to take his anger out on anyone he can convince himself "asked for it", but he won't attack any person he has already labeled as an ally or as "helpless". He usually works in the team as "ranged DPS" provided the range is not too great. In a close-in fight, he will charge up his hands and do 0AP blasts at punching range.
DC Comics character, no infringement intended or implied
Thanks to Writeups dot Org for the character sheet which we modified a little to fit our story
Story-Relevant Numbers:
  • Initiative: 012
  • Energy Blast: 10
    Limitation: Diminishing
  • Flight: 08

Quick Facts:
angry mercenary
Year of Birth
1992 18 Years old
brown / solid red when using power
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
dark brown with yellow undertone, lots of freckles in summer
135 lbs
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Plots
Known Languages
English, Khmer


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